On Writing Erotica and Romance

If you’ve ever thought about writing erotica or erotic romance, this is the article for you. 

I’m doing a “how-to” book (minus all the bullshit) on what you can really expect from writing erotica and romance.  There is an awful lot of books on the subject, but sadly many are misleading.  To be blunt, some books are coming out that simply paint an unrealistic picture and promote a false hope that shouldn’t be promoted.

How so?

In my mind, some of these books give a false impression on how much money can be made in the craft for new aspiring writers looking to get their feet wet in the erotica genre.  In truth, it takes more than just a good story–a lot more.

Authors who are just coming onto the Kindle scene are at a significant disadvantage. There’s no reason to make it sound better than it is.

At the onset of KU 1.0, a writer could put out 5,000 words, write 20 books and at the end of four months have enough money to buy a new car: perhaps even a dream car. Though there was competition, covers, blurbs, proofreading, and editing were things you had time to learn whilst still turning out content readers would buy.   You could still make bank even though some (either whole books or parts of the books) were flawed.  Most readers are forgiving when it comes to a few errors if the storyline is good.

Now, new writers need to invest much more time and effort (resources equals money) into the final product in order to succeed.  In truth, can it be done? Yes.  Over time it can. But, unless a writer is lucky to hit a niche straight away, he or she will not see a significant return on their investment for quite a while (if ever).

We all know there are exceptions to every rule.  But, I’d be remiss unless I told the absolute truth.  And, some of these erotica/romance “how-to” books seem to be nothing more than fodder to sell their catalog as an example of how one should master this endeavor of selling indie erotica books on Amazon Kindle.  I, for one, think that is somewhat misleading for new authors looking to get into the business.

I also need to make the point that there are certainly some good books on Amazon relating to the subject of writing in general and especially the art/science of writing erotica.  I will point those out and give credit where credit is due.

The short answer is there is still money to be made.  But, the game has changed.  And, writers just coming onto the scene need to be aware of both the good and the bad.  They deserve a realistic answer to their questions without being overwhelmed.

Will I be stepping on toes?  Probably.  I’m not going to bullshit my opinions.  But, I won’t be calling any particular erotica author out as an example.  So, feel safe that this isn’t a tell-all book.

A writer who isn’t established can use the money made from the sales of their erotica books as a secondary income stream and then use that cash to support their quest to become better writers in other genres.   Many erotic writers have gone on to write romance.  And, many have made the leap into totally unrelated genres and subgenres.

My goal:

Tell the real story.  No hype, no false promises.  All without a hidden agenda to just sell my back catalog.   I’m also not expecting my new book project to jump to the top of the charts and become a bestseller.  I’m not dystopic, but telling the truth isn’t always popular.  I expect some negative pushback.

Just a thank you

Life is stressful, to say the least.  Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who buys and reads my books.  I really appreciate it.  I never, not for one single minute, take my readers for granted.  And, I think each and every one of you.



Putting the finishing touches on my romance novel

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my first full-length romance.  I’ve spoken with many authors who have transitioned from erotica short stories to romance novels about using a separate pen name.  So, here’s what I think I’m going to do…

I’m keeping the name Heather Keyes.  I’m proud of it.  I’ve had it for over 3 years.  Three years of ups and downs, laughter and a few tears.  I’ve learned a lot through that name.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes (just take a look at some of the books in my catalog :).

But, the name rings true – and I wouldn’t be me without her.  What do you think?  Should I use a separate pen for my romance?

Update on novels. Some romance, some nonfiction and some sci-fi

I’ve had several readers email me wondering why I haven’t published lately.  We’ll here’s the breakdown:

I’m writing longer projects under different pen names.  Conventional wisdom, and advice from other authors, says I should not publish these projects under Heather Keys.

Books not erotic:

  1. I’m writing a sci-fi book.  After writing Galactic Futa, I discovered I really enjoy writing sci-fi.  So, I’m writing my first sci-fi novel.
  2. I’m also writing my first vampire romance, primarily written for YA.
  3. I’m writing a few nonfiction projects.

I hope you stick with me.  I am slowly taking the time to write a few erotica stories (mainly ones that complete my erotica series) I hate to leave a series hanging.  For the readers who keep up with it, I don’t  think it’s fair to leave them hanging.

I’m taking the weekend off, so hopefully I’ll take some time and write at least one erotica short…maybe two.

Someone asked me if I was leaving erotica–answer NO.  I love writing erotica, I’ve been doing it since 2014.  But, as the market changes, it’s becoming harder and harder to make a decent living doing it.






Editing a 200 page book so hang with me. As soon as that is finished, more erotica is coming (or cumming!)

The benefits of writing short form erotica of 5K, 10K or even 20K words means  you can get a book out  in  less than a week.  Sadly,  I’m not the best erotica writer–I admit it.  I try really hard, though.  I have the imagination, for sure,  and I’ve become fascinated with Futa women (mainly thanks to Reed James, Julie Law and a few others) for the past several months.  I’ve got 3 Futa series going at the  same time right now.  I don’t like abandoning series, I’ve read too many authors who have done that. And, I hate to  be left hanging wondering what happened to the protagonists.

The downside to writing erotica short stories . . . 

Right now, I’m writing several books under another pen name: sci-fi, and nonfiction.  But, that’s not helping my erotica.  I’ve never been one  to hire ghost writers, it’s just not my style.  I have ghostwritten for other authors, so I don’t have an aversion to it; it’s just hard enough to break even on erotica as it is. I hate spending  money and not knowing if I’ll break even on the book.

So, hang with me. This week, I’m putting my Futa series into bundles, as well as my HuCow series. And, I’m writing the next installment of Galactic Futa.  But, right now- I’m editing a nonfiction book.

Love you guys,





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