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New Romance Novel Draft- Chapter 1. Take a look, tell me where you want it to go.

Hey guys,

Take a look at the draft of the first chapter of my new romance.  Tell me where you want it to go.  I’m paying attention.

Chapter 1

Barbara pushed her thin hand through the strands of her dark brown sticky hair.  Everyone she knew complimented the tall brunette on her hair.  But, Barbara didn’t think any of that was true.  She had low self-esteem at times as everyone does.  But, it seemed lately it was an everyday occurrence.  She had been depressed since she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another guy.  It literally happened just like that.  Barbara got off work early one Thursday afternoon because the building had a water line rupture.  Her manager came to her cubicle and told her if we can’t use the bathrooms then we can’t work today.  Patricia told her to take the rest of the day off with pay.  Barbara grabbed Chinese takeout from a nearby strip mall. She had wanted some delicious sweet and sour chicken for over a month.  Her diet precluded her from having it.  And, since she was paying $50 a month to get food delivered by UPS, she wasn’t going to eat those carbohydrates.  The water line break at work was an omen.  It was a sign from the gods above that today she could eat carbs.  At least, that was her rationale at the time.

When Barbara pulled up in the driveway, Brandon’s SUV was parked at the curb.  Damn, he took the afternoon off as well. I should’ve gotten an extra plate, Barbara thoughtAnother sign from the gods, he can share some of mine. That way I won’t eat so much. Looking at Brandon’s SUV reminded her she needed to make his car payment.  He had lost his job, and the only thing he could find was a part-time gig working retail.  It wasn’t paying enough.  The economy sucked and there were few jobs to go around.  Thankfully, Barbara was an accountant, and a damn good one.  Besides, Brandon was the love of her life.  She knew that a relationship took two people who were committed to each other.  Sure, they were going through a tight spot right now, but all in all, they would get through it together.

Barbara was already running the plans over in her mind.  Brandon and her would eat Chinese food and get a little frisky.  She woke up that morning horny as hell, anyway.  The gods had aligned it this way; she thought.   Unfortunately, Barbara woke up alone because Brandon had to pull four hours in the wee hours of the morning.  But, she faintly remembered him saying he had to go back in this afternoon.  So, what was he doing home?  It didn’t matter.  This is what the gods had planned for her to do today.  They allow allowed it and aligned the stars in such a way to make it happen.  Barbara wasn’t totally spiritual, but she was trying.  And, she was a mystic.  Or, at least she pretended to be when one of her girlfriends tried to turn her into a Wiccan.  It was cool for a while, but Barbara had problems making the commitment.  She never even read the Bible, much to her parent’s chagrin, let alone tons of books on Wiccans.   Procrastination had always gotten the best of her.  If Barbara didn’t want to do something she would find a ton of excuses or put it off to the very last second. She often wondered how she ever got her degree in accounting because most of the CPAs she knew or a hell of a lot more organized.

Barbara slipped the key into the door, turned the lock and walked into the house.  She could hear the TV playing in the bedroom.  Brandon must be taking a nap, she thought.  He always falls asleep with the TV on. She sat the sweet-and-sour chicken on the counter in the kitchen.  Let me surprise him, she thought.  As she walked down the hall, the sounds from the TV got louder.  She cocked her head sideways, this didn’t sound like a normal TV show.  She heard moaning and gasping coming from the bedroom.  He better not be watching porn and jacking off, she said to herself.  I want his cock in me this afternoon.  Unsuspectingly and innocently, Barbara opened the bedroom door.  She almost fainted.  For a few seconds, it was as if time had frozen.  Her mouth flung open as she witnessed what she considered the most devastating thing that it ever happened to her.

Brandon, and the guy he was with, did not even notice her at first.  Both naked men were too busy concentrating on each other and Brandon was between the chubby guy’s legs sucking his cock.  Barbara watched frozen in time.  If there had been a crack in the floor she would have fallen through it.  She watched.  Brandon continued to suck the guy’s dick; he had it halfway down his throat.  She heard the slurping sounds as the man’s 9 inches hit the back of Brandon’s throat making water pull up in his eyes, almost gagging him.  Brandon reached down with his hand and massaged the other man small hole.  For split second, images of Barbara and Brandon making love danced in her head.  That’s the same thing he wants me to do to him, she thought.  He likes me to play with his asshole while I sucked him off.  It makes him come faster.  Brandon’s back was to Barbara, he could not see her.  But, when the chubby guy opened his eyes and saw her standing at the doorway he freaked.

“What the fuck,” he yelled jumping two inches off the bed.

Brandon immediately turned around and made eye contact with Barbara.  “Oh fuck,” he muttered.  The chubby guy had already pulled the comforter around his waist in an effort to cover up his manliness.  But, Brandon was now standing up naked with a pulsating hard cock.

“What the hell,” Barbara muttered.  Tears began to well up in her eyes for a number of reasons.  Would it have been better if she had called him with a woman?

“Barbara, give me a minute.  Go in the living room.  I’ll be out as soon as I get some clothes on. Let’s be adults here,” Brandon said softly.

Her face flushed red with anger and sadness, Barbara turned around and marched her ass into the kitchen.  She poured Diet Coke in a glass and took a big swig.  Oh, how she wished she had real Coke is very moment she needed the sugar high.  She was shaking like a leaf, tapping her nails on the kitchen counter.  Her hand was so unsteady that the glass of Coke shook when she brought it up to her lips.

Brandon escorted his fuck buddy to the door.  “Come into the living room so we can talk,” he said softly.

“I just need to be left alone,” Barbara blurted out.  “I saw everything I needed to see.  I don’t need you trying to explain it.”

“I’m not going to try to explain it away.  I want to tell you I’m sorry.  I would never hurt you in a million years,” he said.

“You would never hurt me.  How long have you been fucking me and fucking guys at the same time?  Do I need to get tested?  You sorry mother fucker,” Barbara yelled.

“See.  I did not want to come to this.  We can be adults.  You don’t have to yell,” Brandon said.

“You know what,” Barbara cocked her head to one side, “I just want you to get the fuck out.  We’re done.  It’s over.  Period.  I want you to pack your shit and get the fuck out of my apartment.”  It didn’t take Barbara long to realize she was not to be able to trust Brandon ever again.  There was no amount of therapy, couples counseling or talking it all out that would suffice.  And it wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision; she knew that she would feel this way a month from now and a year from now.

Brandon packed his shit pretty quickly, in hindsight.  Was he planning to move all along?  It took him less than an hour to transfer his clothes from the bedroom to the SUV.  Garbage bags were flying everywhere, but when it was done it was done.  And, there never was a single clue —no telltale signs of his infidelity or his sexual preference.  In Barbara’s mind, everything was going along perfectly in the relationship.  How could she have been so wrong?

She sat there in the living room, looking at the key Brandon had given her before he walked out the door.  Did he make copies? Did he give a key to anyone else?  I’ve got to change the locks, Barbara contemplated. 

Barbara poured a glass of wine, this was no time for Diet Coke, she made a plate of sweet-and-sour chicken—the same meal she was going to feed Brandon.  She sat on the couch with images of her boyfriend sucking another man’s cock.  Scenarios danced in her head of him taking a dick up his ass and a man spilling his seed inside her boyfriend’s tight hole.  She wondered if Brandon swallowed.  It took her years to get used to the taste of semen.  There were a few times when she swallowed Brandon’s come, when they were dating.  But, after he moved in, sometimes he would come in her mouth but she would hold it there, go to the bathroom and spit it out.  Brandon never asked if she would try anal sex—not once.  For the most part, she thought he was vanilla through and through.  They never even watched all that much porn together and when they did, it was straight blow jobs and pussy.

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