Why I Write – From a radio interview yesterday

Is Heather your real name?

No, Heather Keyes is a pen name I use when I write erotica and erotic romance.

Do you have other pen names?

Like most writers who self publish I write a variety of many things.  I have an erotica pen name, a romance pen name, a self help pen name and another pen name for other things that can fit into that category.

How many authors write erotica?

It’s hard to say, I would guess around 3,000 – 5,000 write enough to land on Amazon’s list of ranked authors.

Tell me about your books?

I write short story erotica – something I call gonzo erotica because I get right into the sex without much backstory.  I also write erotic romance which is usually short novellas around 20,000 words.  Those stories usually have a plot, some backstory and a twist in the action.  And, to be sure it has plenty of sex action in the book.

Do you ever white about things that have happened in your real life?  How similar is your writing to your actual life?

There’s always a little of my in every book.  I think it’s like that with any writer.  You either have a fantasy about it or you have come pretty close to doing it in real life.  Personally, I have more fantasies than I do actual experience – sadly.

Are you married?


Have you ever been married?

Yes, a few years ago.  We are still friends.

When did you first start writing?

Three years ago, before Amazon jumped to KU 2.0 and when writers made more money with their erotica.

What is KU 2.0?

Kindle Unlimited.  Readers can buy a month-to-month membership for $9.99 and they can read an unlimited amount of books that authors put in Kindle Unlimited.

What is different now?

Before the 2.0, which is the latest version, authors made more money because each short story was paid at an average rate of around $1.40 per book.  Now, writers are paid less than one-half of one cent for each paid read.

Do you make money with your writing?

I make more money writing for other authors.  But, each short story, if it sells, makes me about 12 cents per book in Kindle Unlimited.  Certainly, you can’t live on that.  Most authors are forced to write longer works hoping they can made up the difference.

Are any authors making good money in writing?

There are some to be sure.  If you have a big name and have a good marketing plan you can make a living.  But, it’s much harder for new authors to bust out and become a success.  It takes more time and effort.  It’s a learning curve to be sure.

More of the interview later this week . . . .




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