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A few days ago, I was interviewed on a radio talk show about what it’s like being a Kindle writer.  Here is part 2 of the question and answer session.  Part 1 was why I write what I write.

Amazon has the market cornered.  Does it concern you that Amazon has so much power?

Yes and no.  I understand that Amazon controls about 80% of the retail book selling market.  It’s just something all writers have to live with as I don’t see it changing any time soon.  Personally, I like competition because I think it’s good for business and the economy.  Readers are consumers and books are like any other product.

But, isn’t that a monopoly?

Yes, but writers have alternatives if they wish to go wide with their books.  Barns & Nobles, Kobo and a few others also sell the type of books I write.

What is going wide?

Going wide means that the writer sells a particular book on more than one retail site; like Amazon and B&N.  The problem with that is on Amazon, you have to disclose that you’re going wide and you only get paid 35% of the price of the book.  Whereas, if you sell exclusively with Amazon you make 70% from the book.

Many writers think that since Amazon already controls 80% of the market, it doesn’t pay to sell anywhere else since the other book stores wouldn’t generate enough sales to make up the difference.

Where do you see book publishing going in the future?

I’m such a small author I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask.  But, I can say that before Amazon came along and started KDP (Kindle Desktop Publishing) independent writers really had no place to publish their books and make any significant money.  So, from that respect—Amazon changed the game.

On the other hand, Amazon changed their price structure for those independent authors.  It used to be that under the old system of KU 1.0, a writer would be paid about $1.40 each time her book was downloaded.  Now, under KU 2.0, the writer makes less than one half of 1¢ per page read.

Why did they do that?

Authors who were writing longer length material such as novels that are 300-400 pages long were being paid the same as someone who wrote a short story of about 25-30 pages.   They didn’t think the price structure was fair.  So, Amazon started paying writers by the number of pages read verses by the number of books as in KU 1.0

Do you think that’s fair?

It’s complicated.  I enjoy writing short erotic fiction.  And, I don’t fluffing a book just to add pages.  Most writers now write longer works.  But, there are quite a number of new writers coming to the scene who still write short stories.  Some bundle their stories into longer books, but some still sell short stories as standalone books.

In the end Kindle Unlimited is a good thing—but it all comes down to selling the book.  It always has from the three plus years I’ve been doing this.

Do you write full time?

Yes, but I also have a daytime job.  I put in about 30+ hours a week writing, editing and marketing my books.

Where do you market?

Twitter.  And, I do it myself—I don’t farm it out to a company to do it for me.  My Twitter name is @HeatherErotica so please follow me.  And you can find my blog at

Part 3 will be coming up in a few days.  Thanks for reading and please check out my author page on Amazon.  Author Page on Amazon







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