Water aall AroundWater All Around – – Frank Boston, retired Air Force Pararescueman, experienced two separate incidents involving three back-to-back deaths early in his Air Force career. He concluded after the second incident that he has a strange power he calls nose-smell, a sort of mystic instinct of seeing who will die in a group of related deaths. He goes years without using his ability until a small girl drowns in a pond on the nearby Air Force Base. He knows two more water related deaths will soon follow. Frank’s mission: to identify the two future victims and prevent their death in the near future.

I gave this book 5 stars



Water aall Around002Korea x 2 – – The Korean CIA Director is killed by a North Korean assassin. Counterfeiting, drugs, and weapons of terror finance the North Korean government. Three Air Force Pararescuemen and a CIA Officer join with the South Korean 707th Brigade, a team of female assassins, to form a team, known only by President Reagan and CIA Director Casey, as “the Silent Six.” Their task: the destruction of the North Korean gangster regime. “The Silent Six” is the ultimate Special Operations Team. Another 5 star book.


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