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Tips To Have The Perfect Female Orgasm


1. Masturbate Before Having Sex

If you have planned ahead a sexual session with your partner, masturbating few minutes before the actual sex takes place can be a good idea. This way, you will already be in a state of arousal, by the time your partner touches you. Understand the fact that when you are ready mentally, your body responds more quickly and passionately. While masturbating, visualize the sexual activities that you and your partner will engage in soon.

2.Identify The Position That Works For You

It is a myth that doing sex in certain positions will help you to achieve the perfect orgasm. This is because women react differently to different positions. While a certain position may give you limited pleasure, another one may help you to achieve the perfect orgasm. This means that you will have to experiment with various positions and identify the one that gives you the maximum pleasure.

3. Lubricants And Vibrations

It is true that sometimes vaginal dryness can prevent you from experiencing orgasm. In such a situation, applying lubricants can be a good idea. It allows you to enjoy pleasurable sex, thus making it easier for you to achieve orgasm. If you are really adventurous, using vibrators on your ‘hot zones’ can also be a good idea. The best part about vibrators is that they produce more strokes, as compared to hand strokes during the same time.

4. Ask Your Partner To Stimulate Erogenous Areas Simultaneously

This is almost a sure-fire way to achieve orgasm. Touching the erogenous zones may not always help you to get an orgasm, but if your partner stimulates at least two of these zones simultaneously, chances are high that you will achieve an orgasm. Such a strategy will produce more excitement in your body and encourage it to ‘come’. However, don’t ask your partner to restrict himself to certain areas of the body. Encourage him to touch different areas of your body, such as, your thighs, breasts or neck.

5. Be In The Mood (Which means buy my books) 🙂

Finally, you can’t achieve an orgasm, if you are not in the mood. Start by enhancing your self confidence so that you can adopt the sexual mindset. You should also pay attention to the area where you are planning to have sex. For example, you can play some soft music in the background or lit some scented candles for creating that perfect atmosphere. Opt for these simple tricks for getting the desired orgasm.

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