When is your best sex?

Seriously, it’s a valid question.  I’m not a morning person – well, except for today.  I normally can’t get my shit together before 10 a.m.  So, if you wake me up, in the mood to fuck – I’ll be ill as shit.

Afternoons, are good for me – I get horny sometimes by midday.  But, with so much going on – unless someone is going to bend me over a washing machine or behind the 7/11 convenient store at lunch it’s pretty much not going to happen.

I’d say from 9pm to midnight is my best action.  Considering I’m single – that doesn’t always help.  I wish they really had “male escorts” you could call and just pay them to come over and fuck the shit out of you.  No talking – no romance.  Wipe your own self off and grab your pants and just leave.





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