Teaser: Mistletoe Hanging Low

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“Watch this shit,” Gloria said.

She led me over to the couch and took off the rest of my clothes—kissing me the whole time and rubbing my tits and ass.  She summoned the guys to come over and help—she got them naked fast also.

Gloria was taking charge.  She made each one of the guys lick me.  She planted her tongue in my mouth and sucked hard—biting my hot wet lips as she went about her work.  I could still taste my juice in her mouth from less than an hour ago.  Just the taste of me on her mouth made my pussy get wetter and wetter.  My cunt was aching and I wanted something or someone inside me.

“You wanna fuck?” she turned to Burling and asked.  It was more of a command than a suggestion.  She wasn’t really asking him.

He laughed.  He knew who was in control of this orgy.

house012“Sweetheart, I’m not talking about us.  I’m talking about you two,” she pointed at Mark and then himself.

“If you wanna fuck us, you gotta fuck each other first,” Gloria demanded.  Shit, I had never seen her like this before; she was brutally erotic—at this point she had the guys turned on so much, she could have talked them into anything.  I watched the expression on their faces.  This shit was getting so good.

Marks eyes got wide and Burling started to stutter.  But, it was too late to back out now.  They had two of the hottest women they could have ever imagined right in front of them—all they had to do follow directions and they could have us any way they wanted—for as long as they wanted.

“It’s okay,” she said softly as she rubbed his cock.  She brought Mark over by grabbing his dick and leading him closer to the couch.  Gloria knew how to control a man—especially his erotic emotions.  Marks dick was a hard as a fucking rock.

“This is just between us.  Nobody has to know about any of it.  Personally, I think it’s hot as shit and besides, it damn sure shows us how much you want us,” she said.  Gloria had a naughty sexy smile on her face.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Mark said—other than hello, those were the first real words he had said all night.  His face was blushing with embarrassment or maybe shyness—either way, we knew he was a novice and completely out of his element.   Mark wanted his world rocked—and Gloria was the woman to do it.

house004“That’s okay,” Gloria said.  “Laura and I will guide you two the whole time.  We’re pros at sucking dick,” she laughed looking at me.  Again, her evil smile came out when she winked at me.  I shook my head and smiled.

Gloria did just that.  She didn’t ask them, she told them—directing the action.

Mark got on the couch.  I caressed his nipples and played with his dick.  Burling got between his legs and sucked his cock according to Gloria’s directions.  Mark’s legs were shaking—he was nervous.

She spread Marks legs further apart and pushed Burling’s mouth into him.  While that was happening, she parted Burling ass and fingered him.  First slowly, she guided on finger into him, “Don’t tighten up,” she said.  “That makes it hurt.  Push out.”  Gloria looked at me and winked.  Even she was a little surprised it didn’t take more coaxing than this to get the guys to go down on each other.

Burling did as he was told without objection.  He rocked his ass back and forth giving Gloria a better grip on him.  He continued to suck Mark’s cock as it grew harder in his mouth and bulged out on the side of his cheek.

Gloria looked back up at me and glinted.  I couldn’t help but laugh—but I was more turned on that I ever had been.  I only wished Dan was here to see all of this.  He would have gotten a kick at watching these horny nerds fuck each other.

two-erotic-guys003After a few minutes, she made the guys change positions.  She put Burling on the couch and Mark had his chance at sucking some dick.  Gloria taught him how to do it—a crash course in sucking dick.

I came around and played with Mark’s ass—the same as Gloria had done with Burling.  He was tight and tense.  I put two fingers inside my pussy to wet them—then pushed the fingers into him.  He let out a groan.  “You should have pushed out when I did that,” I said.  This time I looked at Gloria and gave her a naughty look.  She knew I was enjoying the hell out of messing with these guys like this.

As Gloria and I started fondling each other, the action took on a life of its own.  The guys knew what to do with each other and they didn’t need direction anymore.  It’s hotter than shit watching two straight guys fuck each other’s brains out;  especially, when the reward is allowing them to fuck you—if they’re good enough.  Gloria loved mind games—and this was the ultimate prize.

Gloria lit the Swisher—passing it around; giving everyone some incentive.  I choked a little when I took my hit of the dank.  That shit was strong.

lesbians“You haven’t cum yet—well not much anyway.  Here let me fix that,” Gloria said.  She looked at me with hungry eyes.  I could tell she wanted to eat me with a fucking spoon.  Just her look made my pussy throb.

Gloria pushed me down to the floor and put her face between my thighs.  In the background we could hear the guys slurping on each other.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the action.

Mark ran his fingers along the side of Burling’s thigh and up the outside of his chiseled body.

“That tickles,” Burling said, giggling from the smoke he had just exhaled. Mark reached over and grabbed his dick making the head mushroom and bulge into a deep purplish blue.  He stroked it at the shaft making the skin tighter.

two-erotic-guysMark sucked at a medium speed, taking Burling’s dick down into his throat, use his hand to stroke the base of the shaft and almost pressing his nose up against Burling’s pelvis.   Damn, that nerdy guy is better at sucking dick than I am, I thought.

“Don’t make me cum, yet,” Burling moaned.  He pushed Mark back a little feeling the energy of his orgasm coming to the surface.

“We’ve got plenty of time, you can cum more than once,” Gloria said, smiling.  She turned her attention back onto me.  She was going to fuck the shit out of me.  That was fine—my pussy was on fire and I wanted to explode with the best organism I had ever had.   I wanted to squirt.  Every inch of my body was tingling for her touch.

Gloria wet her fingers with my pussy juice as she spread my ass and inserted her finger.   She sucked my clit; putting the whole thing into her mouth at once. It felt so fucking good I wanted to scream.

I tightened just enough to intensify the burn of her finger going up inside my butthole.  She knew exactly how to do it.

A few seconds later, she rammed another finger inside me while looking at the expression on my face—I tightened a little as she went deep, she moved her fingers in and out, pushing down on my clit with her tongue.

“I’m gonna fucking cum,” Burling yelled out.  He shot his hot sticky load inside Mark’s mouth—making him gag.  That was the first time he had ever sucked a dick—and the first time he had tasted a guy’s cum.

“Take it all,” Gloria said.  She made the guys come over to us.  There was no reason to waste fresh hot cum.

two-erotic-guys004-and-girl“Swap it,” She demanded.  She opened her mouth so Mark could drip the hot goo into her open mouth.  She took it all and then she leaned up and gave me a kiss.

Burling’s cum was really salty and it had a tangy taste to it.   Gloria played with my tongue while she swirled his cum between my lips.

“Kiss her,” she told Burling—suck your own cum out of her mouth,” she said to him.  Burling’s eyes grew wide, but he did as he was told.  Burling tasted his own tangy goo; I made sure I pushed as much of it as I could into our kiss.  Gloria and I could see a string of white goo dripping from the corner of his mouth.  I wanted to lick it up—but she had me pinned down with my legs spread in front of her face.

Gloria concentrated her attention back on me.  She instructed Mark to fuck her, knowing it would take Burling about twenty more minutes to come back around.    “Put your cock in me,” she told him.  “Make it rough—I don’t want you to make love to me.  I want you to fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked a woman in your life.  Make it hurt.”

woman-and-coffeeHe entered her doggy style ramming his dick into her hole.  Each thrust pushed Gloria’s face into my pussy more and more.  He was slamming the shit out of her.  I was jealous, but I knew my turn was coming.

“If I had known you were this fucking good, I would have gotten you to do this a long damn time ago,” I whispered to Gloria.

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