Read a sample HuCow 4: Bikers and Truckers

hucow-4-cover-bikers-and-truckersWARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT
(Yeah, like that’s gonna stop you!)

Another trucker came over to where we were; now I had three guys on me at one time.  One man was fucking my mouth, the other man was fingering my ass, and the third guy was fist fucking my pussy.  I had no idea how it started, but he had his whole hand inside my hole.

I thought I was going to explode; my heart was beating 150 times a minute. It was all I could do to concentrate on breathing.  The burn was excruciating, but it felt so good.

The weed was kicking in, and I was losing complete control.  My mind was racing, and I was thinking about a lot of things all at one time and nothing at all.  All I could do was concentrate on being fucked and manhandled by these muscular scruffy truckers and bikers.  The pot settled into my brain a little more; I was being fucked in slow motion.

bikers-truckersWhile the guy was fist fucking me, I completely lost it.  Dribbles of pee ran down my hole and onto my leg.   Everyone could see the puddle of urine beneath my feet on the gravel pavement.  All the guys gave a shout out telling him he must be doing something right.  It was kind of a blur, but it was what I wanted.  I wanted to be taken like a slut and used like this.  The guys were dogging me—one after another and I liked it.

Another guy came over and told one of the truckers that they should bring the other HuCow over to where we were.  “Hey go get the other girl,” one of the bikers said.  “We can turn this into a real HuCow party.”

One of the truckers responded to him.  “Look at this girl, she’s got a fist in her pussy and watch this.”  He squeezed my tits and pull my nipples making the milk come out.  “I’ve never seen a girl lactate like this,” he said.  “She’s a milking machine.  She can suck a dick, too.”

bikers-truckers002“Holy shit,” the biker said.  “I’m going to get the other girl.  We’re gonna have some fun.”

I looked at them with wide eyes—they were hungry for sex.  Deborah and I were the main course.

After a few minutes, a few guys came over with Deborah—she was naked, wearing nothing but her high heels.  I laughed when I saw her—her tits were bouncing up and down as she tried to navigate the crushed rock of the pavement.

Most of the truckers had turned their lights off—they didn’t want to draw attention to the outside public sex party.  The bonfire was far enough away to give enough light but not so much as to draw attention from unwanted passersby.

I had almost forgotten how beautiful Deborah was naked.  She had a beautiful face and perky big tits.  Her hourglass shape would make any man hard in an instant.  It was easy to tell that she has shaved her pussy.  Deborah was bowlegged, and she had the cutest little gap between her legs.

bikers-truckers005Her cunt was as wet as could be.  I could tell she had already been used by the guys a few minutes ago.  She had that look about her.  And I could tell that she wanted more cock inside her.  So, did I.

“I knew you were going to get us in trouble,” I told Deborah.  “I can’t take you anywhere.”  I looked at her and winked.

“Just go with the flow.  This is fun. Besides these guys have no idea who we are and we will never see them again.  That’s the best kind of sex.”

“Suck my dick, bitch,” he demanded.  Without saying a word I complied with his demands.  I open my mouth and took everything he had inside.  I sucked harder than I had ever sucked before.  Before long he was throat fucking me.  My eyes were tearing up from the gag reflex.  I was choosing his cock over oxygen.

One of the truckers had put a blanket on the ground next to one of the 18 wheelers.  A group of guys were around Deborah, gangbanging her for dear life.  Out of the corner of my eye I could tell she had a cock in her pussy and one in her ass.  Deborah was moaning and panting.  She could hardly catch her breath from the guy that was face fucking her.

bikers-truckers006The guy fucking her in the ass missed his aim and rammed his dick into her pussy.  I could hear her groan with pleasure as she had two dicks in her tight little pussy.

One of the guys took his belt off and latched it around my neck— he pulled it tight making my neck snap back.

“Were going to show you how to fuck,” he said.  “You’re going to remember this.”

He slapped my ass a few times and made me get into a position that better suited his purpose.   He shoved his massive cock into my butthole and pumped me relentlessly pulling on the belt with each thrust.

Oh God, I can’t take this much more—but it feels so good, I thought to myself.

There were several guys around me jacking off.  I knew I would have to take all of them by the time the night was over.  I was going to be covered in spunk like a porn flick.

The guy behind me kept pounding my ass, when he came inside me, I could feel the hot jizz of his cum leaking out from around my hole.

As soon as he finished, another trucker took his place.  The guy in front of me shot his load on my face and hair.  When he finished shaking off his cum, another biker grabbed the sides of my face and pushed his cock into my mouth.


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