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The joy of working on a longer project

I’m going against convention wisdom.  I’m working on a longer, erotic story with a fascinating plot.

I think readers will enjoy it.  The downside is that it’s a gamble.  I’m told readers of erotica want lots of sex fast.  It doesn’t matter about the plot.  Just grab their attention from the beginning with big cocks and tight pussies.

I disagree.  I think erotic readers would rather see a plot and character development.



futa-1This weekend I’m offering STRANDED on Futa Island free.

I’m editing the sequel and rewriting the original.  Get it while you can! 

Synopsis:  (Original)  On a warm tropical night,  Lee is down below relaxing in his sailboat watching porn.  Lee should have checked his radar before he settled in for the night. 

A storm created a rogue wave that capsized his boat.

He washes ashore on a remote, secluded island hundreds of miles away from shipping lanes. 

On the island are women—lots of women.  Transgender and biologically correct—even women with both male and female genitals.

Lee is in heaven.  Until . . .   Click here 

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