The joy of working on a longer project

I’m going against convention wisdom.  I’m working on a longer, erotic story with a fascinating plot.

I think readers will enjoy it.  The downside is that it’s a gamble.  I’m told readers of erotica want lots of sex fast.  It doesn’t matter about the plot.  Just grab their attention from the beginning with big cocks and tight pussies.

I disagree.  I think erotic readers would rather see a plot and character development.



6 thoughts on “The joy of working on a longer project

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      1. In terms of giving it a plot? The thing is with erotica many of the story lines are cheesy and predictable. It’ll be a challenge for you to re-write the that label! 🙂


      2. Exactly. And, sadly, even with KU 2.0 which basically gives the book away, there are so many new writers coming into the genre that new and some established writers have a hard time writing full-time and making a living. Literally, there are thousands of erotica writers in the market. In almost every sub-niche. Unless you’re a big name or using ghostwriters to pump out 2-3 books a week, the money is there. And, I’ve never read a review from an erotic reader who complained of the lack of character development.

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      3. I see many, many new writers in the genre and I imagine they’re after the 50 Shades pot of gold but it’s giving both readers and writers a headache.
        I would have thought erotic readers wanted lot of character 😉


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