Good morning erotica readers

I have a few books coming out next week.  I’ll start uploading on Sunday night.

What are they? Thanks for asking. . .

A vampire romance and a lesbian romance under another pen name.

And, for erotica: 3 new short stores MMF, FFM and Futa.

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A ton of new #erotica coming from Heather Keyes!!  Click on the pics

Futa Rimi cover002aaa1 Futa Island 4 TFIO1gangin up on misty

Caught in a pickle writing two erotica series—any thoughts or suggestions?

  • Need suggestions on finishing two projects;
  • Some readers want me to stop publishing each episode piece by piece and just publish the whole first season at one time;
  • What are your thoughts?  Comment here or send me an email.

I opened up my email this morning and one of my biggest fans gave me a suggestion I need to take to heart.  And, she’s not the first person to mention this.

She reads nearly everything I publish and I take her suggestions seriously and with a great amount of respect. She’s never steered me in the wrong direction.

I have two series out right now:

futa-2-taking-the-leaderGalactic Futa 4 CoverFuta Island: where a mad scientist biologically created shemales on a remote tropical island and periodically men wash up on shore. All sorts of nasty things happen to them as the women need male sperm to populate.

Galactic Futa: a sci-fi erotic adventure of Futa warriors saving the galaxy, one adventure at a time, after a devastating Civil War.  These nasty chicks-with-dicks are badass, but need cum to survive.

So far, I have been putting out one book at a time.  But, my friend and fan, Peggy, wants me to put out the whole first season of both series out to market at one time.

I’m weighing the odds and the consequences.  Readers typically don’t like authors who abandon a series in the middle of the project.  In a lot of ways it is like television.  If you think back, there have been many television shows picked back up into syndication after they were canceled right in the middle of the regular season.

.Fans wrote petitions to their local stations and to the networks asking the executives to reconsider canceling the shows.  (Family Guy and Futarama are two shows that come to mind) And, even though I’m not canceling my erotica series … it would take a while to write 18 more short stories of each series to finish out the first season.   Would the series get cold? Would readers come back to it? That’s the question.

It will certainly take me a while to write the complete season for both of the series.  I’m afraid if I don’t continue to publish one by one the books will get cold, lost in the shuffle and most likely abandoned by readers.  As it stands now I have a certain amount of followers looking forward to the next installment… most of which are not on Amazon. In fact, if the truth by known, Amazon (although they control 80% of the book publishing market) only accounts for 18% of my monthly gross sales.  Why? because I have a huge email list.  Maybe not huge to some authors, but it is to me.  And, many of my readers are willing to pay for a book (through PayPal) before it hits Amazon bookshelves.

sandy cross cover 004It happened that way with Sandy Cross.  This is a vampire romance (with significant erotica mixed in) under a different pen name that will hit the Amazon shelves in April.  But, I’ve already made almost $1,800 off the book through PayPal.

So, … (back to my question)

What do you think? It would take me at least a few months to complete the first season for each project Futa Island and Galactic Futa.

Should I continue to write one book at a time or publish the complete first season at one time?  Hoping I will still have the fan base when it’s completed. Incidentally, Peggy isn’t the only reader who wants me to stop publish one episode at a time and just finish writing the whole first season.  Out of the 300+ readers who buy my books through PayPal, I would say over 20 have expressed interest in getting the whole first season at one time.

So, readers and writers…what are your thoughts?

New Release HuCow 6 Chocolate Milk

HuCow 6 Chocolate Milk Cover

Meet Jenny—a big beautiful black woman who knows what she wants and takes it.  Now meet Trevor—a young college guy looking for chocolate milk, a good time and some spending cash.  Together they make the perfect match in this BBW older woman—younger man Billionaire HuCow tale.

“Let’s look at what we’ve got in here,” he whispered. “Oh, look—a cucumber.  We can take advantage of this.  And, whipped cream—that will absolutely come in handy.”

Trevor looked back at me laying there on the floor and winked.  For somebody to be so young—he knew precisely what to do and how to make me feel tingly all over.

He turned back to me and moved the can of whipped cream like he was jacking off.  I giggled in spite of all that I could do to keep it in.

He pointed the nozzle on my nipple and squirted. The whipped cream was chilly, but my nipples were so on fire.  In a matter of seconds it was melting.

Trevor grabbed my tits with both hands.  He caressed and massaged them squirting out little droplets that landed among the white creamy milk of the whipped cream.

He used his tongue and licked it up—cupping the gooey mass of sugar with the center of his strong tongue, and suddenly he swallowed.

“Oh shit, we are so hot together,” I said. 

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said.  “This is only foreplay.”

New Releases | Erotica | Romance

Good Morning erotica fans.

Iheather-keyes-logo-and-name-trademark081 have several new books coming out this week.  Hucows, Futas – just to name a few kinks.

I’m also editing a stand alone romance that I will put under another pen name, just to keep the genres separate.

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