New Release HuCow 6 Chocolate Milk

HuCow 6 Chocolate Milk Cover

Meet Jenny—a big beautiful black woman who knows what she wants and takes it.  Now meet Trevor—a young college guy looking for chocolate milk, a good time and some spending cash.  Together they make the perfect match in this BBW older woman—younger man Billionaire HuCow tale.

“Let’s look at what we’ve got in here,” he whispered. “Oh, look—a cucumber.  We can take advantage of this.  And, whipped cream—that will absolutely come in handy.”

Trevor looked back at me laying there on the floor and winked.  For somebody to be so young—he knew precisely what to do and how to make me feel tingly all over.

He turned back to me and moved the can of whipped cream like he was jacking off.  I giggled in spite of all that I could do to keep it in.

He pointed the nozzle on my nipple and squirted. The whipped cream was chilly, but my nipples were so on fire.  In a matter of seconds it was melting.

Trevor grabbed my tits with both hands.  He caressed and massaged them squirting out little droplets that landed among the white creamy milk of the whipped cream.

He used his tongue and licked it up—cupping the gooey mass of sugar with the center of his strong tongue, and suddenly he swallowed.

“Oh shit, we are so hot together,” I said. 

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said.  “This is only foreplay.”


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