The story behind Communion

Ah, someone asked me the other day why all of these books are not up on Amazon.  Well, there’s a story behind the book “Communion” and the werewolf series.

When I started out, I wrote horror and paranormal sci-fi.  When I started writing erotica, this was the first series I put out.  There are 10 book total.

I’m thinking about revamping the books and making it into a novel.  There is certainly enough material to do that; not sure how long it would take.

Some of  the books in the series are not there.  Over  time, Amazon banned a few because readers started in the middle without understanding the beginning of how it all started.  So, I guess it was a little more an Amazon’s standards could bear- and I guess some readers were offended by the dark nature of the material and the project.

This is one of the books that survived.  (for now anyway)



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