Update on novels. Some romance, some nonfiction and some sci-fi

I’ve had several readers email me wondering why I haven’t published lately.  We’ll here’s the breakdown:

I’m writing longer projects under different pen names.  Conventional wisdom, and advice from other authors, says I should not publish these projects under Heather Keys.

Books not erotic:

  1. I’m writing a sci-fi book.  After writing Galactic Futa, I discovered I really enjoy writing sci-fi.  So, I’m writing my first sci-fi novel.
  2. I’m also writing my first vampire romance, primarily written for YA.
  3. I’m writing a few nonfiction projects.

I hope you stick with me.  I am slowly taking the time to write a few erotica stories (mainly ones that complete my erotica series) I hate to leave a series hanging.  For the readers who keep up with it, I don’t  think it’s fair to leave them hanging.

I’m taking the weekend off, so hopefully I’ll take some time and write at least one erotica short…maybe two.

Someone asked me if I was leaving erotica–answer NO.  I love writing erotica, I’ve been doing it since 2014.  But, as the market changes, it’s becoming harder and harder to make a decent living doing it.







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