Cougar Scoring

Word count: 1725
Genre: short story erotica; erotic romance
Tags: HuCow, cougar, male-female, younger man—older woman, anal, inexperienced male, experienced woman

Cougar Scoring

012“Oh, shit – Penny, that feels so fucking good,” he whimpered.  I could feel his body shaking as I worked my allure on his 12 inch dick.

I felt dominant because I was in control.  Holding his cock by the shaft, squeezing it; making the tip bulge and turn a bluish purple—it was me who deciding when he could cum and where.

“I’m glad.  I want you to enjoy it,” I said.

With Colt sex never feels like just a booty call; he loves me in his own way.

There’s a big difference between being a whore in bed and being his whore in bed. 

Tonight, I wanted to be extra nasty.  I wanted him to pull my hair and put his thumb in my ass when he fucked me.  I wanted him to call me names and say humiliating things.  I was in that kind of mood; I wanted him to recognize it without me having to spell it out.

Colt bent over just enough and spread his legs a little – I inserted another finger into his ass.  “Um, you like having your ass massaged don’t you?” I asked him.

“Yes – I guess I’m just kinky that way,” he said.  There was shyness in his voice – and that was a turn on in and of itself: seeing and hearing the little boy come out in him was my Viagra.

nc-map003Was it the cougar in me that liked guys with little or no experience… who knows?   Who cares?  I know I just enjoy teaching Colt new tricks; he’ll always remember I was the first.

“You’re not kinky – I’ll let you play with me, too,” I told him.

At some point I’ve got to show him how to take controlI don’t want him to make love to me tonight; I want him to fuck my brains out and take me like he owns me.

“Oh my God, I have found a natural HuCow,” Colt laughed.

“What the fuck is a HuCow,” I said.  Was he making fun of me? 

“It’s a woman with big tits who lactates and enjoys sex,” he said.  “I’m in heaven – I never thought I would get this lucky to have a girl with such big natural tits – and one as beautiful as you.” Colt said.

“I like you, too – and I’m going to show you how much,” I said as I massaged his butthole; stroking the shaft of his cock up and down at the same time.

The worst thing in the world I could do would be telling him I loved him.  I’d never get him to be the man I wanted; he’d be a puppy dog tugging at my leg.

Colt turned around after a few minutes with a rock hard dick stabbing me in my stomach.  He was a grower, and a shower. 

I reached down and grabbed that big dick and put the head in my mouth.  I started off slowly, circling the tip with my rough tongue – and then I took the whole thing in my wet mouth.

I made love to it, without using my hands, as Colt pressed my face into his pelvis making me gag. I jerked back as water welled up in my eyes.

“Do you like it when I do that?” I asked – already knowing the answer.

Teaching Colt how I wanted sex was harder than I thought.  He needed to learn my moods and the signals I was throwing out.

I wanted him to take me like no other man had ever taken me before.  I wanted him to be a strong man, with no intimidations – and I didn’t want him to hold anything back.  Can you teach a guy that without having to spell it out?

“I want to fuck you so bad Penny – I want to taste you. I want to eat your pussy and taste your milk,” he said.  It was almost like we had merged into one person -with one train of thought, and it all had to do with sex; massive amounts of hot, nasty, dirty sex.

“You can do all of that, sweetheart. Do you want to fuck me in the ass?” I asked him.  He was coming along nicely—the longer we were together the less he had to ask: just do it, I thought. 

“Oh God yes,” he exclaimed.  I could feel his heart beating a 1000 times a minute and his hot breath on my face.

“It would be a lot easier if we did it in the shower – you’re making me so wet,” I told him.

Fuck that!

Instantly Colt flipped me around.

He spread my ass with his hands and dangled the head of his massive throbbing cock against my butthole.  After a little maneuvering, I got into position so he could slide it right into me.  Colt shoved his dick in my cunt just long enough to get his cock wet to shove it in my ass.

“Beg me.  Beg me to fuck you in the ass, Penny,” he demanded.  “Let me know you want it,” he said.

“Ah, Colt – please fuck me in the ass, do it,” I screamed.

Colt continued to pound me like a sledgehammer.  It didn’t matter what I said—he was taking control.

thongs016We stopped long enough to get into the bedroom.

Colt threw me on the bed and got between my legs.  He pressed his tongue into my wet cunt.  I held my legs up in the air and quivered – he slurped on my clit for everything it was worth.  Colt could eat pussy better than any man I had ever seen before.  He knew exactly what to do with my clit and he had a natural talent.

Colt held my clit between his teeth and flicked the hood of my clit with his bumpy tongue; he worked it faster and faster and faster.  Every fiber of my body felt like it would explode -and he had not even put his dick in my ass yet. I wanted that more than anything—that was why he was here.

When he shoved his dick inside me again, I could feel it throbbing and pulsating.

“You’re my little HuCow, aren’t you?” He said.  “Tell me you are my HuCow.”

“Yes Colt, I’m your HuCow – I’m all yours for as long as you want. You can do anything you want,” I stuttered.  “Take me, sweetheart—use any hole you want.  I’m all yours.”

“Squirt your milk for me,” he said.  “I want to see milk come out of your tits.”

casa-su-casa019I grabbed my 38DDs and squeezed them as hard as I could; I pinched my nipples, and the milk squirted out onto his chest in a stream.  That turned him on tremendously.  He fucked me harder and harder, slamming his dick into my pussy.

It was hurting a little, but the last thing I wanted him to do was stop.  I wanted him to pound me, I wanted him to own me – like I was his slave and I belonged to him.

Colt and I fucked like this for over an hour – first one positioned then another.  My pussy was so wet and swollen; he could have butt fucked me with no lube.

Without warning he lifted my ass higher in the air.  His dick was right there, centered on my ass.  He pushed it in.  I held my breath, but I didn’t need to; his cock was wet from my cunt—it slid right in with no problem.

I took all 12 inches like a porn star.  His balls slammed against my little cunt.

When Colt got ready to cum the first time, I put his massive cock in my mouth and sucked on it like a lollipop.  He spewed hot jizz all into my mouth – and I swallowed every last drop.

We rested just long enough for him to get hard again.

He went between my legs and ate me some more.  I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

I felt my body clinch as a stream of energy ran up and down my body.   My cum oozed out of my tiny little hole and Colt’s face was covered in my creamy goo.  He sucked out every last drop, held it in his mouth for me to see and then swallowed.

I had to rest this time.  My head was spinning, and I needed something to drink. 

While I was getting something from the refrigerator, Colt played “I wanna fuck you like an animal” on his phone.  Oh, shit—I taught him too well.  I smiled when I listened to some of the lyrics and I hummed some of the words going back to the bedroom.

I brought him bottled water and rested my head on his hairy chest.

Fuck—was I falling in love with this damn 19-year-old?  What the fuck am I doing?  Part of me didn’t care, but part of me knew better than to fall for a guy half my damn age.  He’s not even old enough to buy liquor. 

It made me giggle when I thought about it.  But, it didn’t matter—the important thing was I was happy.  So fucking what?  He doesn’t care and neither do I—if a man can date a younger woman, fuck—I can date a younger man.

We had one thing on our mind—Colt went straight back to the pussy. swingers-party015He fucked every hole I had; taking turns between my two holes.  He fucked my cunt for a while—then slammed my ass.  My cheeks were red from the little love taps.  He owned me.

The second time Colt came was just as good as the first – I fingered his ass with his dick in my mouth.  It didn’t take him long to get comfortable with me playing with his ass.  I wonder how he’s going to act when I use my vibrator on him? 

He squeezed my tits making enough milk flow to put a slight puddle on the sheets.

“That’s your side for tonight,” he laughed.

“Give me that dick—I’m gonna suck some of that testosterone out,” I grinned.

I took every bit of cum he squirted into my mouth.  I held it and opened wide, cupping my tongue so it wouldn’t spill out.  I wanted him to see I could handle anything he dished out. 

I swallowed enough protein to choke a horse.

It wasn’t over yet.  My bull was just getting warned up for an all-night passion frenzy.

. . .


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