bikers-truckers005Her low cut white top was almost see-through; she must have had some strapless bra because you could see her perfectly tanned collarbone and as far as the eye could see. That shirt was ridiculous on her. Sophie was a tall, blue eyed, dirty blonde millennial standing about five foot eight and knew how to flaunt her natural Ds and blue eyes. She spent an hour in the gym each morning, so while she wasn’t ripped, she was toned. A tanning salon patron with a few black tattoos running up her side and on her legs, she was smoking hot. When the sun hit her arms, it looked like a suntan lotion commercial where the tiny blonde hairs on her arms glistened against the sand.

Sophie and I knew each other from work. I was her boss for two years at small car dealership. It was a small operation and not what many people think of that type of company. We weren’t a sleazy bunch and had a good reputation in town. I had just gotten over being left by my college sweetheart after six years. Sophie and I weren’t really friends, as my girlfriend Jen was outwardly unhappy with any exchanges Sophie and I would have at our frequent enough encounters at one of the very few places in town to have a few drinks.

When she asked me to get a drink, I was so fucking surprised and immediately turned on I probably acted strange, but not strange enough for her to change the plans.

We met at the bar and grabbed a table in the back with nobody within an earshot. She took off her leather jacket to show that open white top that I’d been distracted by all day. She asked if I was doing ok and went through the standard pleasantries not exposing too much, but we loosened up as the whiskey went down. Everything changed when she blurted out, “we all thought Jen was fucking you in the ass with a Strap-on.”

I turned red, and tried to remain as manly as possible. They all saw the way Jen acted around me, bossing me around and being rude to everyone. That being said, I made it very clear that we shared a mutual respect in the bedroom as I was trying to gauge what Sophie was interested in doing. It comes out that Meg is a submissive type girl who likes living on wild side. I think that’s something most girls like to say on their online dating profile or might even have the nerve to say when describing themselves to a new gentleman, most don’t really live up to those words. Sophie did.

By the time we both wordlessly grabbed our jackets at the same time, the sexual tension was exploding. She had already grabbed my cock under the table and we lightly tongue kissed. While waiting for the über outside we made out like you’d see in the movies. We were so close to each other but remained appropriate in the backseat. We kissed, I brushed my hands over her leather jacket and wondrously giant boobs.

25When we got back to my place she dropped to her knees and grabbed my dick. She swallowed it with ease. She tied her hair back and pulled her shirt up and off. Up and down with ease she was deep throating me and looking up into my eyes. She held her hands behind her own neck so I could see the whiteness of her skinny but muscular biceps. I reached down and caressed the muscles of her arm. I don’t know why I did it, but it looked so sexy. I told her how sexy it was that she was fit, so she was playing into that as we progressed. When I was going down on her, she was holding my head against her with such force I gasped a few times. Each time I did, she giggled.

Everything seemed to get slower and a little more awkward when we started to fuck. I don’t have a big dick, about four and a half and average girth. We were having so much fun when we were both assigned to a task, but face to face, I could tell she found my cock and style barely acceptable, and certainly not enjoyable. She was just looking at me and smiling when I finally stopped and asked her what. She put a finger in my mouth and rolled me onto my back.

She crept down back to suck my cock again. One finger in my mouth, the other gripping my balls while she sucked the head of my cock. I don’t know why but I started to suck on her index finger which she started pushing in and out of my lips. When I opened my eyes she was looking right at me with this I got ya smile.

Her hand slipped down to my ass but just so slightly. As she did it, she giggled, but neither of us said anything. A few moments later she did it again, only this time she rubbed her finger right across my asshole. My entire body tensed up and she swallowed my whole cock again. She started circling it with her finger and pulled her head up to mine and kissed me. Now she had one finger on my asshole and was jerking my rock hard cock with her other.

My hands were rubbing all over her and caressing her biceps and huge boobs when she kissed me and started pulling me up to my knees by lightly clamping her teeth in my lips.

I was on my knees but upright when she came around behind me. She wrapped both arms around my body and got back into it. One hand on my cock, and the other underneath playing at my hole. Her one hand made its way behind me and she started pushing at my hole a bit, but using it as a cock while she grinded against me.

Instinctively I started pushing back on her and she began to finger fuck me. I spun over almost immediately and her finger pulled out. I was shocked and so turned on, and she was just smiling.

She didn’t finger me again, but when we fucked a little later, I came really fast. We cuddled and she played with my cock for a while before we cleaned up. She brushed her hand against my ass again and kissed me. Telling me that was really hot, and she pushed her finger up against me again. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a guy.”

Without saying it, I guided the conversation to her talking about buying a strapon and doing it for real. There was some more giggling and fondling as we browsed the different types. “You like the monster cock” was an exchangeable remark as we browsed. We settled on a flesh looking 7inch with a highly rated harness and two day shipping.

It must have been the flat out comfortability of ordering a strapon dildo with a new fling who just had a finger in my ass that allowed me to explore some hidden desires that I only dabbled with in porn in my very rare free time.

Big cocks, she really liked big cocks and fit guys. She told me she liked fucking athletes, soccer players and surfers, tanned and toned, with nice big cocks. I asked if she meant bigger than me. By that time our spooning turned to fucking.

“Of course, a lot bigger”. We both seemed to tense up as she said it. She reached back and put her finger in my mouth again. “A lot bigger than you, that’s what I need, I need a big cock, come on fuck me little man, give it your best.” I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled put and came all over her ass.

“That’s all you had, pathetic”. But a second later she smiled and kissed me. She rubbed my cum on her body and the last drop, she picked up on her finger and slowly put it on her tongue. And of course, she leaned in to kiss me.

My god that moved fast. Going from a few drinks to having bipolar femdom sex with a coworker and her ordering a dildo to assfuck me with in two days all in a matter of a few hours. Damn.

The next day was completely normal at work and d day, the arrival day Sophie left work an hour before her normal departure time for an unknown reason.

When I got home, she walked right up behind me and beat me to my door. The brown UPS box was as much hers as it was mine, although I did pay for it. We got inside and she pushed me against the wall and kissed me. “Go take a shower, get yourself clean and I’ll take care of this”. She took the dildo to the kitchen sink and cleaned it. When I got out of the shower, I wrapped the towel around my waste and exited into my bedroom. She was already in the bed wearing a white robe, showing a lot of cleavage.

When I got on the bed we faced each other. She opened my towel and I opened her robe. After a quick kiss, we both looked down to our erect cocks. She got on top, but was on her knees so we had some space between us.

1Eye contact, a kiss, her soft breasts gently bushing up against my chest. I know she couldn’t feel it, but when that gel cock touched mine, my body went nuts. She pulled up and started playing with my cock. And then her cock. And she started rubbing her cock on mine. She grabbed the lube and poured it all over both of them. Her cock dwarfed mine. “I’m bigger than you, how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel like a bitch? Say it, say you’re my bitch”. As I lay on my back, she worked a finger into my ass and then a second. The whole while she kept asking me if I wanted her cock, asking me to say that I wanted her big cock. After a few minutes, it was time.

The feeling of that rubber cock going into my ass was like nothing I can ever explain. That first moment of shock was terrifying, but when she put her finger in my mouth I just grunted and took it. She went slow at first, actually she went slow the whole time. Gently confirming that I was ok and liking it, and also that I liked her cock.

“You like taking cock”. When I replied that I only like her cock, she retorted “we’ll see about that”. As she turned me over, she kept getting dirtier and dirtier in her trash talk. “You’re gonna take more cocks than this, I’m going to make sure you take more cocks than this”. She then described which guys she was going to have over to fuck me and to fuck her, which ones might not fuck me but they’ll let me watch them fuck. And that she’s going to get a larger strapon. “You’re gonna be my little faggot, ok babe”

With that I came everywhere.


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