028She gave me an opened mouth kiss and she cried out, “OH FUCK! STEVEN OH MY GOD! FUCK” as he continued to drive himself into her, long and slow—desperate thrusts clearly intended to prolong her orgasm.

“Hey,” she said. When she spoke—it always made my heart quicken.

“Hey,” I smiled back. I was sitting in the library, and somehow she had snuck up behind me.

“I’m headed out, want to walk with me to the car?” She asked.

“Sure,” as I began gathering my things. She was wearing skinny jeans, a worn belt and my favorite sweater today – a not particularly nice shade of beige, but incredibly flattering to her figure. It was about the only article of clothing she wore that didn’t in some way conceal her near perfect hourglass, as if someone picked it out for her and she hadn’t realized it didn’t meet her standards for modesty. “I thought you were meeting Steven later?” I asked about her boyfriend, feeling my jealousy narrow its eyes.

“I am, but I have some time,” as we began walking. She always stood to my right, which probably meant a lot more to me than it did her.

“What was your day like?” I asked.

“Normal. I woke up late, and was almost late to my 10:30 this morning. No breakfast, either.”

I smiled as the spoke. It always struck me afterwards that this was a very pathetic way to spend my time – walking the girl I had been lusting after for a year to the car so she could go see her boyfriend. So far that thought had never stopped me from making the offer.

“You should eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” I said with the right mix of concern and authority.

“I know,” she said.

“What’re you doing this weekend?” I asked, hopefully.

She always seemed to sense my anticipation, and crushed it gracefully: “Steven and I are going to the beach this weekend!” Somehow her excited tone broke through my disappointment. “He booked a hotel for us” she cooed absentmindedly, and I shuddered internally.

“That sounds cool. You guys are getting along a lot better lately.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said. We walked for a few paces in silence, while I digested the ambivalence in her tone – always searching for a ray of hope. “Do you ever feel that you’re with the wrong person?”

She sucked at this, I laughed. I had not had a girlfriend in three years. She didn’t have the confidence to ask for advice outright, but couldn’t quite string together a creative way of disguising her inquiry.

“Well,” I chuckled aloud, “I’m not with anyone right now.” I paused a moment to consider my response, as I always did when we talked about things like this. The pressure I felt to steer her towards me was considerable, but I also felt a serious obligation to her as my friend to give fair, unbiased advice. Sometimes I punted these questions, but ultimately regardless of what we were, are or ever would be I felt I owed it to her to be a good friend. I can’t say doing so didn’t kill me inside, though.

“It’s normal to have doubts about anything. Everyone feels insecure. Your mind wanders around, that’s where your ingenuity and problem solving comes from. It’s natural to think about other people. So the question isn’t ‘is he right?’ it’s ‘is this what I want?’ and perhaps most importantly ‘is this what will make me happiest?’ If the answer to those is ‘yes’ then I’d let a momentary doubt pass by. If not, then you might have some thinking to do.” She seemed to consider that quietly for a moment as we arrived at the elevator in the parking garage. I raced her to the button, as always, and allowed her slight frame to check me aside before putting on a last burst of speed to slam my fingers painfully into the now glowing circle. She laughed again.

“Ding!” I said, obnoxiously as the cab arrived on her floor of the garage.

“It’s starting to get cold,” she shivered as a gust of wind blew through into the opening elevator doors.

“I will protect!” I declared, spreading my arms and charging into the wind like a bull.

She laughed, “No, I need you to warm me up!:

Adopting the voice of a Shakespearean character intoned, “But my heart is gone cold, and cannot warm another.”

“No,” she whimpered and bundled her arms up.

Remaining in character, “But your frail heart warms mine, my lady” and wrapped her up in a bear hug. She giggled as I trundled her out of the elevator car, pulling her along with me as the doors slid closed.

“To the castle!” I charged forward and we ran to the car, slamming into it as the momentum of bodies and backpacks exceeded our stopping power.

We leaned against her SUV for a moment, breathing heavily. There were a surprising number of other cars in the garage for this time of night, and I was about to make a cutting remark about it when she made her “getting ready to leave” gesture and put her backpack in the back of the car. I deflated a little as she walked over to give me a hug, pressing her chest tightly against mine and also her hips – which she sometimes did, and I found a little strange.

“Take off your backpack” she said.

I complied, without thinking – still entranced by the closeness of her touch.

When I turned back she was staring at me, intent. I looked around nervously and then back at her. “What’re we doing?”

She took a deep breath, as if steeling herself. My heart seized with anticipation: “Do you trust me?”

I blinked in disbelief at where this was going. I had asked her out early on in our friendship, and it was then she revealed to me that she was seeing someone else. I was heartbroken, but we simply got along too well to walk away. All in all, maintaining our friendship had been the right choice but it definitely grated on me from time to time.

I was all too familiar with the ‘friend zone’ hence asking her out early on – my ‘romantic history’ consisted of a long string if unimaginably intimate but completely sexless friendships that had left me a desperate castaway floating alone on a bit of broken wood in the ocean before I met her. The familiarity and strength she brought to my life was worth more to me than the lost feelings, but in my heart of hearts I still wanted her and in this moment I felt a terrifyingly and overwhelming hope I hadn’t in a long, long time.

“Of course I do.” I said.

She smiled and took a step towards me, our bodies separated by only a few inches. Her breasts rested lightly on my chest and the warmth of her breath drifted up into my face. I felt my cock stir in my shorts, and she looked up at me as she laced her fingers behind my head with a practiced confidence that I missed in the moment.

004“I have a surprise for you…but I need your help.”

“What kind of surprise?” I asked, my weak heart incredulous that this could be happening.

“A good surprise,” she breathed huskily and that combined with her scent blasted away the last of my resistance. Without my even speaking she knew she had me.

“Put your hands on my waist,” she said, and I slid them down her back and rested them on the arc under her belt.

“That felt nice,” she breathed into my face and then tucked her nose into the left crook of my neck. “I want you to undo my belt,” she whispered into my ear.

Aware of the cars around us that might soon not be driverless, I started to object but she pre-empted, “I know. Just do it.”

I leaned slightly away from her and our foreheads met, staring down at her waist. I framed the buckle of her belt with my fingers, and deliberately worked the belt back through the buckle and then grasped the buckle end to pull the prong free. I let the two ends fall and then moved my hands back to position on her hips.

I looked up at her. “OK.”

She stared back in silence for a moment, then we both laughed, and before I could press the laugh into a joke she said “Pull my pants down to just below my knees, please.”

This was a moment my lonely little heart was not ready for and I could feel it pounding in my chest. I searched around worriedly for something to distract me but her eyes stared intensely into mine, betraying nothing but determination. Somehow my hands knew what to do, and worked their way into the top of her jeans at her sides, and she stopped me.

“Panties, too.” I started to breathe hard, crossing into strange territory, but hooked my hands under the lace band of her underwear and stretched it away from her body. She pressed her knees together and leaned forward, supporting herself against me as I slid my hands down her bare thighs carrying her clothing with me. I felt her skin instantly tighten into goose bumps as the air hit her and she gave a small shiver.

“Too cold?” I asked in a half-whisper.

“Not for long,” she replied.

“Excellent foreshadowing,” I quipped, and I could hear her mouth break into a smile.

I bent down to follow my hands as I worked the jeans-panties set down to her knees, and hooked them around to just below the bulge of them. She rested her hands on my shoulders, still supporting herself. I took deep breath and almost gasped at the powerful smell of her pussy. Her fragrance curled up into my nose like a cartoon.

“Redo my belt,” she said down to me, “And and make it tight.”

It was immediately clear to me what she wanted and I set about to quickly hook the end of her belt into the buckle and pull it tight, drawing her jeans and underwear into a tight bunch around her legs and leaving her a delicately balanced one-legged naked figure. With my head to the side I could just make out the image of her partially hunched over, ass bent out scandalously with her bare pussy exposed to the world. In the future one of my regrets of that night would be not catching a glimpse of that sight from behind her.

“Stand up,” her voice had become an intent, raspy mess as her evident arousal built. I rose, and felt my own semi-arousal push against the front of my shorts.

Apparently she felt it, too, as she pushed her hips against my crotch, grinding the head of my dick into her waist. “Hey there,” she whispered.

“Now pull my sweater up.” At this point I somehow felt as though I knew exactly what I was doing, and I confidently tucked my hands under the hem of her sweater and framed her waist with my hands. I slowly pulled my hands and it up her stomach, exposing it for the whole garage to see. Again she shivered in my arms but at this point I wasn’t sure if it was from the cold or her gradually less controlled excitement.

When I reached the strap of her bra, I hooked my fingers under it without being told. I was absolutely not going to miss this particular reveal, and she obliged by leaning her precariously balanced body away from me, grasping me at the shoulders to afford me a clear view of that to be revealed.

I waited a moment to build the excitement and then raised the sweater-bra-stack over her breasts and up and I gasped. They were magnificent. The breasts I had fantasized about for the better part of a year. Perfect, just the right balance of perk and natural softness. Her nipples stood out prominently but not gaudily from bright red aerolas.

“Please touch them,” she interrupted my quiet reverence.

I left her scrunched sweater tangled with her necklace at her collar and gently rested my fingertips on her breasts. They heaved gently with her breath, pressing into my hands fractionally every second. I encircled them from the sides, making a cup with my hands and allowed them to overfill them. I put a slight amount of pressure on them, and her nipples swelled out insistently. She squirmed fractionally and tightened her grip around my neck. Her breathing was heavy. I began to trace my fingers gently around them, wanting to pick up every detail, working my way in towards her nipples.

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” she said.

“I know,” as I continued, drawing closer to the red patches. I could hear her breathing becoming a little more desperate, and by the time I allowed my fingertips to stray onto her areolas, she whimpered slightly. I knew at this moment I had her, and with a drawing motion I pulled fingers together trapping her tightly erect nipples into them and then closing and tugging ever so slightly. Her whimper broke into a full moan as I tugged her breasts away from her chest. I began to knead them, using force to drive more sounds from her body – a desire to which she happily obliged.

“Fuck,” she whispered into my neck, and I slowly raised my head and went in to kiss her cheek in front of her left ear, just as my lips made contact she suddenly drew back. I startled in surprise, but still focused on my ministrations.

“Don’t kiss me,” she said.

The whole universe froze for a moment. I wasn’t breathing, wasn’t thinking, my eyes were cartoonish wide. The passenger side door to her car opened, and a shape started to climb out.

My heart sank with a mix of terror and humiliation when the face passed from the heavily tinted darkness into the fluorescent light and I recognized it. I don’t think my mouth actually made the shape, but the name came into my mind loudly as if spoken: “Steven.”

“Hey Steven,” she said, her voice still heavy with lust.

“Hey sweetheart.” He emerged fully from the car and slammed the door.

I was stone. Adrenaline raced through my veins, chasing away the warm contentedness I had felt only a moment before and replacing it with a hot fear. I began to sweat. He was a smaller man that I, shorter by five inches or so – but leaner, as well. I didn’t know exactly what I was afraid of, the confusion of the situation overwhelmed me completely. Steven took up a position a few feet behind us, admiring his girlfriend’s body and bared ass. He was certainly handsomer that I, in an unkempt kind of way. His brackish eyes were sharp and his jawline angular. I envied him now as I always had before, in spite of my compromised situation.

My mind exploded in that moment and my suspended thoughts took off. The first thing that came to mind was her earlier comment – ‘I’m meeting him later.’ Could this possibly be what she meant? The jealous boyfriend didn’t quite fit. Why would he have let it go so far? Why would he sit silently in the car and watch someone else touch his girlfriend – invited or not? Was it possible this was the moment he chose to stand up and challenge her decision? But that didn’t quite fit. The practiced way she had led me here, the eagerness. They weren’t really characteristic of her, on reflection. She was a timid person around me. It may have fulfilled a pathetic fantasy of mine, but it certainly didn’t fit her at all.

This whole time, her body remained pressed against mine. She had actually drawn herself closer into me when the door opened, pressing her naked breasts into my chest and embracing me tightly, almost as if she was holding me in place. And then I saw it.

Steven’s jeans were tented prominently. He was hard. He had been watching the whole thing. He had been watching, and he had gotten turned on. Very turned on, by the look of it. This whole situation. Everything. I was getting overwhelmed by the implications, and my mouth began to form the question before I knew what it was going to be.

“W-“she interrupted me without hesitation.

“I know how you feel about me. You’ve been a really good friend to me, and I know that you want to be with me. I wanted to show you what it’s like. What being with me is like. So I got you this, as a surprise. Without hesitating she turned her head back slightly, casting her words towards him. We’re ready, Steven.”

Before I had a chance to object or even contemplate for what exactly, his hands were at his waist, unbuttoning his pants. He pulled down his boxers with a practiced motion that made my heart sink and my face flush. His cock flopped over the top of his jeans and I audibly gasped.

hashtag008“I know, right?” she giggled and shifted against me. He was enormous. Maybe 9” in total length, with his bright pink head hidden partially under a sheath of foreskin. His head glistened slightly with precum, showing the depth of his arousal.

My body and mind were still totally overcome by the shock. The only things that really made it through were the image of him standing behind her, cock leaping straight forward, her body wrapped tightly around me, and the feeling of her breasts pressed tightly against my chest, her nipples rubbing me through my shirt as her breath rose and fell.

“Before I told you that I had never had sex. I lied to you. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to say, your question kind of caught me off guard. I have. Steven fucks me every night. It’s amazing. I love it. I wanted you to see this, so you would understand,”

He approached her from behind and she rose up against me, stretching her body out. “Spread” he said, and bent down a bit, pulling her knees apart as far as she could until her bindings – the binding I had made, the binding she had made me make – caught them.

My hands fell to my sides as my body went numb. I could see everything happening as my head hung over her shoulder. She reached down between us and grabbed my hands, then pulled them back up to her breasts. My confusion and fear deepened, not knowing what to expect next.

She was breathing hard in short anticipating gasps. He wrapped his right hand around his massive cock. It bulged along its length like a club. I was stunned that she could take such a large object inside her petite body, then the head disappeared between her legs. He rubbed it up and down a few times and I heard her moan into my ear as he passed it over her entrance. I imagined it becoming slick with her body’s nectar, even running down his shaft. Then he seated the head into her opening, and moved his hands to her hips. The whole time he kept his gaze turned down to his dick, never looking at me or even up. I saw his whole body tighten up like a coiling spring, and my stomach knotted violently just as he thrust forward.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out, her moan echoing in the garage. Somehow, impossibly, he had driven his entire length into her, impaling her – the woman I loved most in the world – on his massive cock. “OH FUCK!” she cried out in full passion. She pulled back from me and looked me in the eye. Her face was absolutely wracked with the passion of it – contorted and desperate, uncontrolled. “Oh my god!” She said to me, punctuating her words with plunging thrusts and their accompanying moans, “Oh- fucking huge.”

Her grip around my neck tightened and she worked the hair at the back of my neck; sending shivers down my spine. My hands, against all reason, still rested on her breasts and she called my attention to them.

“Do you still like my tits?” She asked, seemingly unconcerned with the railing she was taking from behind.

I looked back at her with a desperate confusion on my face.

“It’s ok. I wanted you to see.” She gasped, trying to catch her breath under Steven’s vicious assault on her pussy. “Please play with me more. Please.”

Looking back, this was the moment. Later, you’ll see what I mean. But right here, this moment, was when I crossed over from pathetic loner chasing after a girl who would never want him into something…far, far darker.

Sensing my hesitation, she encouraged me more. “I like to have my tits played with. It drives me fucking crazy.” Despite myself, I could feel my erection returning. Trapped between incredible fear, confusion, and desperate heartache that threatened to drive me insane in that very moment I drew my breath in desperately, looked back into her eyes and slowly drew my fingers into motion, working her breasts as I had before. “Oh fuck unh, that’s fucking perfect.”

I glanced back, and Steven continued to make no notice of me. His sole focus was on filling her pussy as completely as he could, and based on her reactions his effort was indeed expert. He grasped her hips, now bent out at an extreme angle, firmly. The sight of his hands wrapped around her waist, along with his powerful thrusts and his cock sliding completely into and out of her, each time emerging creamier than the last, was incredibly lewd. He drove into her with a ferocity and passion that my virgin mind struggled to comprehend. It was clear his satisfaction echoed hers, as he bit his lip in concentration. I could see the muscles beneath his shirt were taught, as were those that wrapped his forearms. His hands began to wander around her, lovingly, caressing her. His pace slowed, and she began to speak again.

“Do you want me to tell you about the first time we made love?” Her breath was still ragged as she expertly rode his cock. Her words broke for a particularly exuberant moan,

“He likes to fuck me like this. With my unh knees together. It keeps me tight around his dick. It feels so unh incredible, honey. I can’t even begin to describe it.” She paused as if remembering her lost place.

“The first time, we were lying in bed watching a movie. We had done almost unh everything – he had fingered me – god, unh he’s a demon at that. I had jacked him off. I was so surprised when he came the first time, you wouldn’t believe. Right, Steven?”

“Yeah, God, that was hilarious,” and he laughed. Not a sinister laugh, but a genuine joyous laugh.

“It was all over my hand, and I tried to fling it off. It ended up going all over the room. He came so much. I was afraid I broke him,” Steven punctuated her story with more whimsical laughter.

“But the first time, we were unh making out, and he took my shirt off and my bra. You love playing with unh my tits, don’t you?” He thrust particularly aggressively into her in agreement, and she responded delightfully. “I honestly wasn’t sure. I felt like unh I’m too old to be a virgin and you’ve seen how hot he is. And I really love him. Just having it be with him, right.” At that moment, Steven slid his hands up along her side and grabbed her breasts from behind. I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head when his fingers found them and encircled them. I jerked my hands quickly when I felt his hands approaching mine. “Don’t stop touching me, please,” she reminded me like a persistent middle school teacher. I moved my hands out to her waist and encircled it, holding her hips steady while her boyfriend heavily pounded her pussy – bracing her for him so that he could enter her with maximum force. I blushed again.

“Where unh was I? So he started fingering me. I used to come so fast back then – just a few minutes of him on my clit was enough to finish me. He does this thing unh with his thumb on my clit, what do you call it?”

“The Twister” he replied, punctuated with a grunt. He leaned forward and she knowingly turned her head back and gave an air kiss.

“Right, the Twister. I love the Twister,” she paused a moment, distracted by his long, intensive thrusts. Fuck, you’re amazing at this,” his concentration was admirable, as he continued to saw himself in and out of her while working her breasts. “He rubs his thumb unh in this insane circle on my clit until I cum and just…keeps going. I could never move my fingers that fast.” “You do alright,” he replied.

“Thank you.” And she turned back to me and pulled my face closer to hers, pressing our foreheads and noses together. Her breath blasted across my face in rasps. “But this time, he stopped and unh started taking pants off. He climbed over me and my panties down. He didn’t unh say anything; he just lined his head unh up against unh my pussy and started rubbing it. In just a few minutes I was drooling – literally drooling out of my pussy. He leaned unh over unh me and pinned unh my hands to the bed. I was actually scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and I was terrified he was going to kill me he was unh so big. He kissed me, and he said ‘Don’t be afraid’ and then he pushed inside. I felt him at my hymen and I looked up unh at him, and the way he unh looked down – like a wolf, starving, determined – but a loving wolf,” she giggled. “And then he pushed into me and tore me open. Oh my God, it hurt so much at first. I could feel unh myself getting wet from the blood. He held me down, and I struggled a bit at first. Part of me wanted him to stop, but I knew I was his and that I had to do this for us. I needed unh to give this part of myself to him. I needed him unh inside me like I don’t know. It’s hard to think right now. Just”

“He went slow unh at first. Opening me up unh a little bit at a time, pushing further and further and then he hit my cervix unh for the first time. Oh my god, I came unh so hard instantly when he touched my cervix. It was incredible. I had cum before, but this was different. I was so full of him, I felt so full and close and connected and loved by him. I could feel my pussy grabbing at him like a hand. And that’s when he came. Like a fountain, more cum than I had ever seen him cum before. My pussy was overflowing with him – some squirted out onto the bed. It was insane. I just trembled there; lying under him with my arms spread out and pinned on either side of me. And he lay down on top of me, and we kissed and then fell asleep. And then my mom knocked on the door and told us it was bedtime, and he got up and got dressed and went home. That’s how he took my virginity.”

“I wanted you to know what it was like, and to see what it’s unh like now – so you could see how I like to be fucked by the man I love. He’s so, fucking, amazing at this. He’s an amazing man in general. I love him unh so much. It’s impossible for me to describe, that’s why I wanted you to see. How badly I need him – all of him.”

“Oh fuck, Steven are you?”

“Yeah, pant let’s finish.”

“Okay oh my god. Put your hands back on my tits, you want to see this.” She stared directly into my eyes, and Steven began to piston himself in and out of her, seemingly even deeper than before. At the bottom of every thrust she arched her back and contorted her face wildly, as he drove himself into her cervix. Her arms clutched me tightly, reaching around my back, pulling me into her. As he slammed into her, her whole body pushed into mine – I was amazed at the force he was using to drive into her and that she wasn’t in any apparent pain from it. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my god” she cried.

I heard the echo of heels as a woman in a bright red coat exited the elevator. As she passed the gap between cars we were standing in and at first had a disgusting look on her face, and then stared in confusion as she looked into my face and saw me holding up this woman being fucked by another man. Before I could even register anything but surprise she looked away and walked down the aisle hurriedly.

“We have a fan!” Steven said and she laughed at his joke.

“Steven, please! Do it now! Please, ANH I need it, please!” she begged and it was apparent that “it” was for him to drive himself into her even harder, pounding his cock what I imagined must have been through her cervix and straight into her womb. She looked directly into my face and pressed her lips into mine. I felt her whole body seize, her hips writhed against me and her chest shook. She gave me an opened mouth kiss and she cried out, “OH FUCK! STEVEN OH MY GOD! FUCK” as he continued to drive himself into her, long and slow—desperate thrusts clearly intended to prolong her orgasm. Her whole body trembled in my arms and she shook almost as if crying as she continued to look into my eyes, and I stared back, vacantly, watching her pussy clench this man’s enormous cock in rhythmic contractions. He groaned heavily, clearly very close himself and I prepared myself for his orgasm when she slowly reanimated herself and said, “Stop, Steven, stop,” and he ground to a halt inside her.

“It’s time for your surprise,” she panted and smiled tiredly at me as my mind startled. My emotions at this moment were destroyed – like what I’d imagine happens after a test nuclear detonation. There had just been too much fire and horror for me to feel anything. I was blank, except for her and my arousal. “Pull me off of him,” she said, and I automatically began tugging her hips forward. Her pussy made a lewd slurp-pop as his gigantic cock emerged from within her. The air around us filled with the scent of her orgasm, and it was intoxicating. I found I was rock hard, still. Somehow, she whirled to her right to stand beside me. “Come on,” she said. I stood, stupidly, confused. I felt a tug at my hand. “Down.” She said in a singsong voice, tugging again.

She slowly dropped to her knees, pulling down on my arm with her full weight. In my dazed state, I half-collapsed alongside her, falling to my knees. “Steven has a surprise for you,” she said, and my eyes looked up from the ground and focused on the sight before me. The man, dressed in black and blue jeans. He looked down at me, now, as if noticing that I was there for the first time. And then he advanced, that massive cock I had admired twenty minutes before pointed at me like a rifle. My eyes went wide and her arm was around me. “Open up!” she said excitedly.

He was only inches away from my mouth, when the notion that I should get the hell out of this situation occurred to me. She knelt next to me, her gorgeous breasts exposed to the world, her pants down around her ankles – pussy dripping on the concrete floor into a puddle of fresh sex. As his cock drew near I could see her juices running off of him like a slow river. She was very thick that day, not quite cream but not water either. I would swear to you today that steam rose from his cock. Somehow, I perceived a line of drool along as head and shaft that I identified as pre-cum – the part of the wetness that was him and not her. “Open up” she said again. And then, at that moment, I decided to object, and opened my mouth to say “NO!” – to refuse, anything. And then the head of his cock, covered in his pre-cum, drenched in her orgasm was in my mouth, and something inside me changed.

I’m not gay. I never have been. I’ve seen other men and appreciated their bodies – even gotten turned on. If I was drunk (if I drank) I would cautiously admit to my closest friends that I was bisexual. This was in an entirely different universe than that. But in that moment, with the confusion of watching the woman I wanted, I loved, I cared for more than anything else have an orgasm in my arms. Holding her breasts in my hands while we shared our first kiss – a kiss drenched with the throes of her passion. The sheer bewilderment of staring down such a perfect, massive cock absolutely sheeted in her body’s honey, a nectar I wanted so desperately to taste for myself. In that moment, I drew my lips closed on his head, and kissed it, gently sucking on the tip – then pulling away to savor the taste. I could not, to this day, tell you where his flavor ended and hers began – but if I was honest with myself… I loved it. Steven groaned as I pulled away, still charged with lust and as I was about to find out, something else.

I went back for more; opening my mouth wide. “That’s a good boy,” came her beautiful voice over the sound of me taking as much of him as I dared into my mouth. “He tastes great, doesn’t he?” she asked as I tightened my lips about one third of the way down his shaft and drew my mouth tight, sucking as much of the slickness of him as I could. I ignored her question, as if leaving my voice silent would somehow remove me from this situation.

I don’t know if Steven had ever gotten a blowjob before. She had indicated to me she did not give them, but she had also said she was a virgin. He certainly didn’t seem to have any reservations about getting one from me. He throated his pleasure loudly, as another passerby approached and my cheeks flushed. “Look, they came to see you!” she said as three girls passed – one I recognized out of the corner of my eye. I squinted shut and crammed more of his gigantic cock into my mouth, desperately wanting to taste the rest of her…and him. I pulled my hands up from my sides, wanting to grab him, to force more of him into my mouth when she grabbed my wrists. “No, no, no! No hands! Only mouth!”

I began working his cock in the way I had seen in porn and my imagination, focusing my tongue on the head. Every time I tried something new, I blushed furiously, embarrassed that I could do such a thing. I traced my tongue inside the rim of his foreskin and was rewarded with a surge or the salty fluid that I so desperately wanted – needed. I slid my tongue down his shaft as I took more of him into my mouth and even my throat, gagging violently at first but accepting more of him. For his part, Steven remained mostly still – being more vocal than verbal. She watched me – us – with rapt attention, I saw out of the corner of my eye. Her pussy continued to drool anxiously onto the concrete between her legs, even running a bit down the slant of the car deck. I could hear myself making lewd gagging sounds as another group passed us – two girls and a guy. I couldn’t make out the faces, but the guy distinctly said to the other two “I think that was and I heard my name. I honestly don’t know if the tear that formed at the corner of my eye was out of shame or from having my throat stretched so aggressively by the bulge at the end of his cock. “What a faggot,” the guy said. The girls laughed spiritedly.

At that moment, though, none of that registered for me. I could tell from the way she was tightening her grip on my hands behind my back she knew what was about to happen. From Steven’s increasingly frantic moaning, I could tell he knew what was about to happen. I’d never had sex – with man nor woman – but I had masturbated enough in my day to know where this was going. And I found myself, not afraid…but eager. I wanted it. I wanted him to cum. I wanted the cum that she had made, with her pussy, with her love for him and his for her, and I wanted it right now.

She made an excited noise next to me, “Ohhh!” I realized my cock was straining tightly at my pants – perhaps the most aroused I had ever felt in my life. Steven’s breath was ragged, and he begin to swear quietly. “Oh, fuck. Fuck. Oh my god. I’m going to cum. Fuck.” His hips began to buck towards me, punching his cock into my mouth. I did my best to accommodate his thrusts. A long time ago the taste of her had been lapped up, and now I could feel a steady stream of his pre-cum in my mouth and throat, as he readied me for his gift.

At the final moment, he called out “Ahh Fuck!” and I pushed myself forward, taking as much of him as I could for his opening salvo. It was a shock. His cum was white hot, and the first blast hit the back of my throat, chocking me for a moment. I was afraid that I might inhale it, and so I swallowed as deeply as I could, accompanying the gesture with powerful suction in my mouth trying to draw the cum out of him like juice from an orange. It was so thick, and I imagine my throat being coated with his hot, white cream. His body twitched once the long first spurt had ended and I had the presence of mind and desire to continue working his shaft, pulling back in one long motion until just his foreskin and head were in my mouth, when I caught his second, long jet on my tongue feeling the acrid fluid pool as his body pumped his spunk into me.

I plunged my face onto him again, again swallowing as much of his length as I could. “Fuck!” he gasped, calling out as another spurt of his heavy, rich cum pumped into my eager throat. I felt his cock pumping aggressively and this time, I was more ready and worked the underside of his shaft aggressively and was rewarded with a jerk as a second tremor passed through his body. For the third spurt, I drew all the way back and allowed his swollen cock to leave my mouth for the first time since I stared and stared directly at the opening in his cock and he delivered another blast directly onto my face, coating much of my nose, lip and cheek. I reached out with my tongue and licked the base of his head, and he rewarded me with another strong jet which coated the parts the first jet missed. In that moment, I felt so proud to be wearing him – his seed, all over my face. And I swallowed his entire length again, and let him finish the last four blasts in my throat. I could feel his balls pulsating just under my chin, draining themselves into me.

010His breath was completely exhausted, and came out in heavy pants. “Did you like it?” she said and I almost replied before Steven cut in. “It was,” he breathed deeply, still short “incredible.” She patted my back, “Did you hear that? It sounds like you’re hired.” And I knelt there, in front of her boyfriend, my face and throat still covered with the largest, stickiest load of cum I had ever experienced in video or person, staring up at the man who had just drenched me in his semen. The emotions I felt in that moment, I could not even begin to describe to you. She smiled at me, and appeared to consider kissing me for a moment but thought better of the mess it would make, and gave me a cute little side-hug, then rose. I stared up at her breasts as she pulled down her shirt, adjusting her bra quickly – then bending down precariously to unbuckle her belt and raise her pants back up.

“Thank you so much!” She said to me. Then it was as if I was invisible to her, and she turned to Steven – kissing him passionately. “You are amazing. I’ve never seen you cum so much.” She paused to kiss him again, passionately. “I love you more than anything else in the world,” and they kissed again.

“I love you, too,” he said.

I continued to kneel, his cum cooling on my face. I heard her car beep as she unlocked the doors. My eyes lost focus. I heard her climb into the driver seat, and he walked around to the passenger. The car started. And they drove away. I knelt. Another group passed by and saw me kneeling there, face covered in cum.

A girl shot me a startled double glance as she recognized the liquid covering my face, but said nothing. I slowly turned my head downward, and stared. Not at the floor, or the stream of her nectar running across the floor between my legs. I stared at the massive erection that tented my pants, still, straining desperately, a testament. And I remembered his cock. And I wanted more.

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