The Office Party

He was still stroking her, affectionate in a way that she couldn’t reconcile with what had just happened. She was sore, her legs ached, her head was spinning, she’d had enough, yet her cunt was unsatisfied and wanted more.

She came into the bar, she recognized most people, as she’d expect from a work party, but she was interested to see the other teams she only ever got to speak to on the phone, put some faces to the voices she spoke to day in day out.

011But first she wanted a drink, she grabbed her friends hand and pulled her towards the bar. It was busy, and she pushed her way forward, squeezing through, flashing guys a cheeky smile as they obediently let her pass. She got to the front and ducked under his arm, she turned to flirt a little, just to ease her way to the front without issue, when she met his gaze and it was not impressed, glanced her up and down, and ignored her completely. Rude. He caught the barmaid first and ordered his drink, as he turned to leave he grabbed her by the hair, and whispered in her ear,

‘what do you say?’

Her heart caught in her throat ‘…sorry?’

‘good girl’

And ran his hand down over her ass. She stood there, speechless, unable to understand what just happened, nor why it left her heart pounding nor her knickers wet. She pulled it together and ordered drinks, dragging her oblivious friend across the dancefloor, positioning herself so she could see him. She laughed and danced with her friends, did the obligatory same old chat with the faces she knew, and flirted outrageously with the engineers, setting herself up for a few easy weeks at work. But her gaze was drawn to him, she watched him talking to his friends, laughing, drinking. A few girls from her office seemed to know him, they were fawning over him, all eyelashes and false laughter. Except he didn’t seem to enjoy the attention in the way she’d expect. Almost like he found them mildly irritating. Every so often she’d catch him looking over their heads, staring straight at her, watching her, just until she flushed pink and he smiled to himself before turning away.

She slipped outside, passing various couples in various stages of make out. She rolled her eyes, which moron in management didn’t see this coming, the whole place was a sexual harassment case waiting to happen. Leaning against the wall around the corner, out of sight, she lit a smoke, taking long hard drags in the cold, lost in her thoughts… she had established who he was, they’d actually spoken on the phone before, he was rude to her then too, but now she couldn’t say hi, smooth things over, not after the thing at the bar. No, actively seeking him out would make him think she thought his behavior was acceptable, or worse that she’d liked it. Which she didn’t. Did she?

‘that’s a disgusting habit’

He was right in front of her, in her space, taking the smoke from her before she could even protest. He flicked it away and she glared at him and moved to walk away. He blocked her, grabbing her wrist, and pinning to the wall

‘I saw you watching me’

‘Yeah? And?’

‘and get off me’

He smiled and stepped closer, she raised her other hand to push him off. He caught it and pinned that one by her side as well. Her heart pounded, but more disturbingly, so did her cunt. He held her, just for a second, watching her reaction, before releasing her,

‘as you wish… come find me though, when the curiosity gets too much’ and he walked back inside.

She lit another smoke, trembling slightly, and wished for this night to be over. Who was he, and why couldn’t she control her body’s reaction to him, he was being rude, disrespectful, even threatening, yet what? She liked it? No, definitely not.

Stamping out her smoke she went back in. Her friends looked worse for wear, she should probably encourage them to call it night before someone ended up doing something really stupid… but she clocked him at the bar, and caved. She walked over, and leaned up next to him, back to the bar as he was ordering, he looked her over, she could feel his distain as he spotted the half-drunk red wkd in her hand, and added ‘3 red wkd’ to his order. He didn’t speak to her, and she wasn’t exactly sure what to say. The barmaid put the drinks on the counter and he picked up 3 something and cokes.

‘put it on room 927?’

And walked away into the hotel without a backwards glance. She took the last bottle off the counter, slightly bemused and wandered off to see her friends. The DJ had started cracking out the 90’s cheese that signaled it was the end of the night, and, after finally giving up on talking any sense to her friends, she decided to head upstairs. She was in 945, on her own, she hated sharing with the girls, as much as she loved them, they were not conducive to a good night’s sleep at all. Besides, she liked to sleep naked.

She wandered down the hallway, passing 927 before doubling back and knocking on the door.

tit-for-tat002Instantly she regretted it. She wasn’t entirely sure why she’d come back, nor what she was going to say. She half-hoped that he wouldn’t answer. Eyeing up the long corridor with nowhere to hide, calculating if she could get round the corner at the end before he opened the door.

She froze as the door opened, like a deer in headlights. He was wearing the complimentary robe, and she realized that work had sprung for a pretty nice place here… there was probably a spa downstairs somewhere…


‘Ahmm… I just wanted to say, thanks… for the drink’

‘Oh so you do have some manners?’ he walked back into his room, leaving her with two options, either let the door shut on her, or follow him in. Outraged, she followed him in.

‘What do you mean? You’re the rude one here’

‘Oh really? You think I didn’t see you push your way to the front of the bar, expecting to get away with it cos you’re a girl?’

‘No one seemed to mind’ she shot back with her best smile ‘even you. You have bought me a drink after all’ she waved the bottle at him and downed the last of it.


He inhaled deeply and turned and picked up another bottle of wkd of the table, and indicated to a chair. She felt nervous, like she was about to step over some invisible boundary, but she feeling bold, so sat and took the bottle from him.

‘why are you here?’

‘… to say thanks for the drink’

‘why are you really here?’

‘I guess the curiosity got too much’ – she shot him a wicked grin, determined to win him round.

He didn’t smile. He looked at her. She couldn’t quite read him. Was he cross? If he was cross why would he buy her a drink and all but invite her to his room? But equally this is not the reception she was expecting if she was honest. Especially not in this dress. His eyes roamed over her, taking her all Add to dictionary felt like he was trying to get in her head, read her mind. She felt uncomfortable. She drank the weekend for something to do.

He sighed.

‘In here, you do as I say, everything I say, you call me sir, or master, failure to comply will be met with severe consequences. You can leave at any time, use my full name and I will let you go, no questions asked, no hard feelings, no weirdness tomorrow, or ever. But if you are here, you are mine, to do whatever I want with. You understand?’

She was stunned, not quite sure what he was saying, what exactly was he going to do that would warrant such an introduction? She’d never had sex that involved anyone needing a get out clause before, assuming sex was where this was going, she wasn’t even entirely sure. She looked at him, he seemed almost rejected already, like he half expected her to throw her drink at him and run for the hills. She remembered how he’d grabbed her hair, how he was always just a bit too close, how he’d pinned her to the wall. And her pussy ached.

‘Yes…. Bu…’

Before she could even finish her sentence, his eyes flashed with delight and pulled her up onto her feet in front of him.

’Take off your dress’

She hesitated, he raised an eyebrow at her, deciding that speaking was probably not in her best interests, slowly she turned round, lifted her hair and showed him the zip. He obliged in pulling it down for her. And she let the dress fall the floor before turning back round, silently congratulating herself on wearing cute matching underwear, whilst cursing herself for getting into this situation in the first place. She always had to poke the bear.

He sat back on the bed, taking the complimentary chocolate from the pillow next to him, and flicked it across the room.

‘Go get it’

She smiled, she knew what he was up to, she walked across the room, as steady as she could on her heels and vodka legs, making a big thing of bending over, showing him her arse, thrilled she’d gone with the French knickers, they really did make her butt look good. She walked over to the bed and lent over, holding it out to him. He grabbed her wrist, knocking her off balance, pulling her across his lap, landing a hard smack on her bottom.

‘quite the little show off, aren’t we?’


He landed another smack

‘no…. sir?’


‘maybe a little… sir’


Her face burnt redder than her ass. He held her wrist, keeping her there, whilst stroking her ass, running his thumb between her cheeks. She’d never really been into anything anal and she wiggled away, He landed a smack, hard. In retaliation she nipped his thigh. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up, his face in hers,

‘That is unacceptable’

‘you hit me’

‘you are mine to hit’

…. She wasn’t sure where to go with that, he couldn’t possibly believe it was true, surely. She glared at him, he glared back, she got the distinct impression he was not going to back down. She squirmed under his gaze,

‘sorry sir’

His eyes roamed her face, trying to decide what to do with her. She seized the moment, reached round and undid her bra. All she needed to do was distract him. He let her go. She backed off the bed, standing up, dropping her bra, letting her French knickers fall to the floor. She watched him closely as he drank her in, eyes stopping over her shaven cunt…. She turned around, walking over to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. The height made her stomach drop and she put her hand against the glass to reassure herself it was there. He was behind her. She smiled to herself, confident in her victory. Placing one hand beside hers on the window, he pushed her hair from her neck and bit her harder than she expected and she gasped as a firm arm wrapped round her, hand roaming down her body over her shaved cunt, his fingers pushing inside her. She was almost ashamed of how wet she was for him, he hadn’t really done anything to earn it after all. He found her g-spot instantly, rubbing it slowly as she moaned, pushing her ass against him.

‘you like that slut?’

‘….slut? bit harsh’

‘says the girl in nothing but fuck me heels in a stranger’s hotelroom… so I’ll ask you again, you like that slut?’

‘mmm…. yes sir’

He pulled his fingers out. She whimpered, wanting him back already. He forced his wet fingers in her mouth.


She did, licking her scent from him as she still pushed her ass against him.

‘Turn round’

She obeyed. Pressed against the cold glass she felt vulnerable. Looking up at him, trying to reassure herself she could trust him. He pushed his fingers back inside her, holding her gaze as he teased her. Her hands pushed against his arms, nails dug into his skin, both pushed him away and held him tight. He’d drummed against her g-spot, smiling as her breath shortened and her eyes rolled back, then stopping to have her suck his fingers clean, laughing as she eagerly obliged, desperate to have him back inside her. Before long he got what he wanted from her,

‘please? Please? Don’t stop?’

‘Please what?’

‘please sir?’

‘please what sir?’

‘Please don’t stop sir’

He pulled his fingers out again, his eyes lit up as she opened her mouth in expectation of what would come next. Instead he pinched her clit, sending searing pleasure-pain through her body as he spoke,

‘you think this is for you, little slut, but this is for me. I want you eager and ready to suck my cock. In fact, I want you to want to suck my cock so much, you’ll beg for it. Tonight, you will beg to please me, in every way I want, I am going to fill every hole with my cum, and you are going to beg me to do it, understand?’

He was back in her cunt before she could really process what he was saying.

‘yes sir’

She couldn’t focus, she was so close to the edge, her orgasm coiled in the pit of her stomach, but she was unable to reach it, to let it out, every time she came close he withdrew, leaving her cunt aching for him.

‘please sir, please don’t stop sir, I’ll do anything sir, please sir, just let me cum sir, please sir, please…’

He stopped, she licked him clean, he started again, she begged again…

‘Please sir, please… please let me suck your cock instead of your fingers sir, please sir, I’ll do anything sir, please…’

‘on your knees’

She fell without hesitation as he sat down in the chair, his robe open, his cock hard. She crawled over to him, falling on his cock, thanking him, she took his cock in her hand and took him into her mouth. She licked the tip, flicking her tongue over him, taking him deeper and deeper each time. She was watching him, eventually he settled back, eyes closed and she moved her free hand to her throbbing cunt, she was only going to keep herself on the edge, she wouldn’t cum or anything. No sooner had her fingers found their way to her g-spot, he grabbed her by the hair, dragged her over to the bed, and threw face down. Her heart was racing. He spread her legs and cupped her cunt in his hand,

‘this is mine, you don’t get to touch it…’

She ground back into his hand. He swung for her, landing a smack on her cunt. She yelped. But she stopped, frozen perfectly still.

‘Better. Now, where were we?’

He dragged her off the bed to the floor, and sat back down in the chair. Reluctantly she crawled over to him,

‘hands here’ and he pointed to his thighs ‘apparently, you can’t be trusted’

She put her hands on his thighs, irritated at being thwarted in her plan, and he held his cock out to her, putting his hand on the back of her head, and forced her to take him deep down her throat. Her eyes watered and she fought against him, but he thrust into her mouth relentlessly, ignoring the tears that ran down her cheeks, the glare she was still trying to give him. Deciding that it was probably more productive to just please him, she relaxed, stop fighting, and let him control her, use her. He got faster, deeper, more brutal as he finally came down the back of her throat, by-passing the option for her to spit it back out, not that she imagined he’d allow that anyway.

She looked up at him, just a little pleased with herself, he wiped her tear-stained face with his hand.

‘Since you seem so keen to play with yourself little slut, go on, entertain me’

She rested her head on his thigh, and let her hand find its way between her legs,

‘No chance… on the bed where I can see you’

She felt self-conscious, she wasn’t sure she wanted him to watch her do that, she hesitated deciding how to turn the situation round. He lent down, picked her up and threw her at the bed,

‘I said on the bed’

She closed her eyes, and lay back,

‘yes sir’ and started rubbing her clit. Her cunt was so wet for him, it was ridiculous, she thought back to his fingers on her g-spot and tried to replicate it, but it wasn’t the same. Maybe it was the angle..

He was on the bed, he pulled her ass on to his lap, spreading her legs wider, so he could see her fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. Just as she started to relax she felt him. He was using her wet cunt to lube his finger, dragging it down to her exposed ass…

‘no, no, no…’


‘no sir?’

His finger tip hovered at her ass, pushing gently.

‘it’s just…. I’ve never… sir’

His eyes lit up in a way that made her nervous ‘nothing? Ever?’

‘no sir’

‘oh then we are doing this all wrong’

He pulled the tie from his robe and bound her wrists together, before tying them to the headboard. Then he pulled the pillowcase off one of the pillows, twisting it into a rope,

‘open’ he held it in front of her mouth.

Cautiously, she opened her mouth and he put it in


The fear was overwhelming, she had lost all control of the situation, she who was usually in control of every situation, yet she found the binds around her wrist almost reassuring, she pulled them hard, testing them, and he hadn’t gagged her really, she could still spit it out if she wanted…

His whole body was over her, his hands roaming everywhere, roughly grabbing her tit, squeezing her nipple until she moaned, his hard cock rubbing against her cunt, every so often he’d slide his fingers inside her and draw circles on her g-spot, tormenting her to the edge of her orgasm once more. The frustration was too much, she fought her restraints and tried to beg him through her gag to just let her cum. With his fingers still inside her, he spoke softly into her ear,

‘you want to cum little slut? I know you do, but there’s only one way you are coming, and that’s when I fuck that tight little cunt of yours and let you. But first, I will fill every hole with my cum, claim them all as my own. So, I fucked your mouth, now your stomach is full of my hot cum…. Next I’m gonna fuck your virgin arse, fill that with my cum. Usually id ease you into with my fingers first, but I want my cock to be the first thing you ever take in there, so sorry, little slut, but this is probably gonna hurt…’

Suddenly she was paying attention, she spat the gag out and struggled hard….

‘no, no, no, please sir, please don’t, I’ll do anything?’

He picked up the gag, and forced it back in,

‘you’ll do this’

He dipped just the tip of his cock into her cunt, using her desire for him to enable him to push his cock, slowly but firmly into her virgin arse. She bit down on the gag hard, screaming into it, he felt huge, like he was tearing her in two. He stopped once he was in to the hilt, ‘relax little slut’ She did not relax, she fought harder, he tutted and shook his head, holding her thighs wide and pulled slowly back out, before slamming back into her hard. He repeated this a few times, speaking softly to her,

‘You see, I can fill every hole with my cum, fuck you like the little slut you are. But taking your anal virginity is something else. Your tight little arse will always be mine. Anytime you get fucked in the arse, you’ll think of me, and you’ll know that really that hole is mine, I fucked it first, used it for my pleasure, and the filthy little whore in you loved it… didn’t you?’

He pulled out the gag…

‘yes master’ there was nothing else to say, he was going to fuck her either way, she was better off not fighting him, he was in charge, he was right, she loved his power over her, she should just do as he says. She tried to relax, let him take her, his rough hands roaming her body, spreading her legs, leaning back to watch his cock thrust inside her. Just as she thought she couldn’t take it anymore he pushed his finger into her cunt, her body responded immediately, suddenly every thrust came with pleasure, she both wanted more and less, she couldn’t think straight, she couldn’t see,. He pushed in another finger. She was so full, the feeling so overwhelming she tried to dissociate, to be somewhere else, but she could feel it, her orgasm was betraying her, she was going to cum with his cock deep in her arse.

‘I’m going to cum sir’

Instantly he withdrew his fingers.

‘No slut, you are not’

‘Please sir? I won’t cum, I swear, just don’t stop?’

Without breaking pace he slid a finger back in her, agonizingly slowly. She moaned,

‘Please don’t stop sir, please, fuck my cunt sir, let me cum for you,’

But he wasn’t swayed, he slowly teased her, not letting her even close to cumming, as he fucked her ass deep. She noticed the change in his breathing and made a last ditch effort to push him over the edge,

‘thank you sir, thank you for fucking my virgin ass, my ass will always be yours, I’ll never forget your cock deep in my ass, id cum like this if you’d let me, fuck my virgin hole as hard as you like master, please master, I want your cum in my ass…’

He withdrew his finger, and fucked her harder and faster, even deeper. She crossed the boundary, losing reality. He came, grunting thrust after thrust of cum into her as she thanked him for it. He pulled out and flopped down next to her. He rolled on his side and ran his fingers over her sweat soaked body, her eyes were glazed over. He tucked a finger under her chin, turning her towards him,

‘Hey… Hey…?’ He undid the ties around her wrists,


She pulled him into focus

‘You did good little slut’

He pulled her to him and kissed her forehead

‘You did good’

She let him hold her, as the feeling returned to her arms and his cum trickled from her ass. She found the effect he was having on her disconcerting, she couldn’t understand her own desire to please him, it was at odds with everything she thought she believed in. She’d never not had the control, yet she’d never felt so free.

He was still stroking her, affectionate in a way that she couldn’t reconcile with what had just happened. She was sore, her legs ached, her head was spinning, she’d had enough, yet her cunt was unsatisfied and wanted more. She buried her face into his neck and ground her cunt slowly against his leg, deciding what to do.

He grabbed her hips, holding her still. She looked up at him, he smiled at her, rolling her onto her front, smacking her ass hard, enjoying her indignant yelp, positioning himself between her legs. He lent over her, grabbing her hair, turning her head so he could see her face. He trailed his finger along her cunt, up to her bruised asshole, watching the fear in her eyes heighten the closer he got. But now he wanted her cunt, they’d both waited long enough. She was still so wet for him.Her ass still dripping with him. It almost made him hard again instantly. He slid his finger in to her g-spot, pushing down hard, rubbing her clit into the bed, causing her to spread her legs wider for him.

‘Please fuck me sir? Please sir? I want to cum on your big hard cock sir. Want all my holes full of your cum sir. Please fuck me sir? Please?’

Grabbing her arse cheek, he slammed his cock into her desperate cunt. The moan it forced from her was deep and guttural. Keeping one hand in her hair, he thrust into her cunt hard, grinding her clit into the bed, driving her wild. His cock rubbed her g-spot with every thrust, he’d brought her to the edge so many times already, it only took a few thrust for her breathing to change, her orgasm quick to take hold. He caught her, and stopped, his cock stretching her wide,

‘not yet, surely?’

She ground back onto him, ignoring the tighten grip on her hair.

‘…. Fine. What do you say?’

‘Please may I cum sir?’


But he pulled back and slammed inside her relentlessly again. Panic flowed through her, she was going to cum if he carried on, but he said no….

‘Please sir? Please may I cum sir? Please?’

He slowed the pace, letting her catch her breath,


‘Please? Sir?’

‘not good enough’

But he wasn’t relenting, his cock filled her, she struggled but it only heightened her pleasure,

‘Please let your little slut cum sir, I can’t help but want to cum on your cock sir, I’m a pathetic slut sir, it’s what we do sir, please sir, you fucked my mouth and I couldn’t get enough, you took my anal virginity, my ass is still full of your cum, now my cunt can’t take any more, please sir, please…’

She trailed off, it was too late, the combination of his cock pounding her cunt and her clit against the bed, him holding her down, using her, his cum dripping from her ass with every thrust, his weight over her, knowing he would do whatever he wanted with her, had finally pushed her over the edge. She gasped as the first wave crash through her, her moans becoming loud and uncontrollable as her eyes rolled back. He felt it, her cunt pulling tight around him, he’d fucked her through it, slowing only when her moans became murmurs, whimpers.

‘oh dear little slut, I said you weren’t allowed to cum’

She mumbled something incoherent, ever she wasn’t sure what she was trying to say, she didn’t care, every inch of her body tingled,

‘I did warn you there would be repercussions for disobedience’

He was still fucking her slowly, almost menacingly.

‘… sorry sir… it just happened… you made it happen… you’re in control’

‘roll over….’

It took all her effort, but she rolled over, still unable to see straight she tipped her head back and closed her eyes. He pinched her clit with one hand, her nipple in the other. Both were hard, sensitive. Her eyes shot open, wide with the pain that shot through her,

‘You cum when I say’

He pinched harder,

‘yes sir’

Keeping the pressure on her clit he rubbed it with his thumb. She wanted to scream, she was sensitive, and it was intense, desperate to fight, but scared to move. She tried to level her breathing. He was as rough with her tit, but that felt less painful, she focused on that, every tug shooting down to her clit. Either he eased up or her body accepted the brutal onslaught on her clit and she started to feel more pleasure than pain. Her eyes were locked on him, her breathing quickening. He was relentless, pulling her orgasm thru the pain. She grabbed his wrist, pushing him away, she did not want to cum this way. He smacked her cunt,

‘Hands above your head’

She didn’t move quick enough, he smacked her again, harder,

‘I could smack your greedy little cunt ‘til you cum if you’d like?’

He landed three smacks in quick succession. She hated that it sent jolts of pleasure through her, she clawed at the bed, spreading her legs just a fraction. He caught it, he knew he had control of her. He smiled to himself. He smacked her clit, slowly at first, building up a steady rhythm, enjoying watching her writhing, flinching away from him, before pushing her cunt up ready for another. He could hardly take it, he wanted his cock in her tight cunt again, but he was punishing her, she needed to learn.

‘Please sir, I’m going to cum’

‘no, you are not’

He found her g-spot again, he made it seem so easy, like her knew her, inside and out. She battled to calm her breathing, closing her eyes, taking herself away from there, trying to block him out. He rubbed her clit with the palm of his hand. She whimpered, but her resolve was strong. She held back, she was so close, she barely had control. He took his other hand to her nipple, pinching it roughly, she let out a small cry, trying desperately to dissociate from the onslaught on her body.

‘you ready to cum little slut?’ He teased her.

She shook her head, ‘not til you say sir’

He smiled, her body trembling at his every touch,

‘cum for me slut’

She let go, relief flooding her body as hot wave after wave flowed through her, her cum squirting into his hand. She bit her lip to stop from screaming. Every muscle in her body pulled tight with her orgasm. She was panting, breathless, exhausted from the ordeal. He almost pitied her, because he wasn’t even close to being finished with her and she looked spent already.

cropped-aaa-ass-panties011.jpgWithout even giving her time to recover he lay down and pulled her on top of him, sitting her on his cock, she was so tight, despite being dripping with cum he still had to force it, and gripping her hips tightly, lifting her up and pulling her down on him until she responded, riding him herself.

She could barely support her weight, but he held her hips firm, stopping her from falling on him. He moved his hands up her body, she was recovering, taking more control, riding him hard, rocking him against her g-spot, rubbing her clit against him with every thrust. Her moans were soft but they were there. He watched her, he’d known from the first time he’d spoke to her that he wanted to fuck her smart mouth attitude right out of her, but he never really thought it could happen.

Logistically speaking at least. He’d spotted her the moment she’d walked in, and she’d walked right up to him, he couldn’t believe his luck, but he’d only wanted her if he could have her the way he wanted. And here she was, riding him, her head back, eyes closed, her moans growing louder, her belly and ass full of his hot cum, and he knew she’d only cum with his permission now, just seeing her sliding up and down his cock was enough to tip him over the edge, never mind her impossibly tight cunt, and the memory of her painfully tight ass. He couldn’t take it, he sat up, taking her tit in her mouth, he bit her.

A few hours ago she’d have screamed, but now it just spurred her on, growling into him as she wrapped her arms round him, hands in his hair, he sucked her nipple, flicking it with his tongue, grabbing the other so hard she’d probably end up bruised.

‘Cum when your told’

He grabbed her hips and slammed her repeatedly onto his cock, he was finally going to fill her cunt with his cum. His breathing changed,

‘Cum with me slut’

‘Yes master’

And she did, at his command, her body was his, he felt her cunt tighten around him and he let go, pumping her full, he continued pulling her onto his cock, even when she had finished, not quite ready to vacate her body.

She rested her head on his shoulder, her voice barely audible,

‘Thank you sir’

He lay back, pulling her on top of him, and wrapped an arm round her, reliving it already as he trailed a finger over her sweaty trembling body.

Reality swirled in front of her, she tried to pull herself up,

‘I should probably go’

He looked at her scathingly, pulled her back down, kissed her forehead,

‘Don’t be a dick’

She let reality slip away…

She woke curled up under his arm, her head on his chest. He must have taken off her shoes and pulled the quilt over them at some point. She smiled. Then she moved. Every inch of her hurt. Her arse was bruised in a way that she was sure would prohibit walking. Careful not to wake him she pushed back the covers, her body was covered in bite marks and bruises, some of which she couldn’t remember getting. Dark rings around her wrists from the restraints. She moved slowly out the bed to the bathroom, turning on the shower and then heading back to the bedroom in search of her underwear. She bent down by the bed, his hand grabbed for her wrist, but she was quick and pulled back out of reach. He sat up,

‘where are you going?’

‘For a shower’

‘Who said you can do that?’

‘No one’

He raised an eyebrow at her, ‘Did you learn nothing last night?’

‘Do you know…. I don’t think I did!’

She flashed him a wicked grin, sauntering off to the hot shower. He watched her, noting every mark on her gorgeous body, acknowledging the subtle limp from the bruising to her arse, shook his head, smiled, threw back the covers and went after her….


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