Another free short story “Thanks for Cumming”

woman-and-coffeeCheck out some free short stories (good for a short bedtime read) under the “Free Erotic Stories” section.


Just a thank you

Life is stressful, to say the least.  Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who buys and reads my books.  I really appreciate it.  I never, not for one single minute, take my readers for granted.  And, I think each and every one of you.



Putting the finishing touches on my romance novel

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my first full-length romance.  I’ve spoken with many authors who have transitioned from erotica short stories to romance novels about using a separate pen name.  So, here’s what I think I’m going to do…

I’m keeping the name Heather Keyes.  I’m proud of it.  I’ve had it for over 3 years.  Three years of ups and downs, laughter and a few tears.  I’ve learned a lot through that name.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes (just take a look at some of the books in my catalog :).

But, the name rings true – and I wouldn’t be me without her.  What do you think?  Should I use a separate pen for my romance?

Update on novels. Some romance, some nonfiction and some sci-fi

I’ve had several readers email me wondering why I haven’t published lately.  We’ll here’s the breakdown:

I’m writing longer projects under different pen names.  Conventional wisdom, and advice from other authors, says I should not publish these projects under Heather Keys.

Books not erotic:

  1. I’m writing a sci-fi book.  After writing Galactic Futa, I discovered I really enjoy writing sci-fi.  So, I’m writing my first sci-fi novel.
  2. I’m also writing my first vampire romance, primarily written for YA.
  3. I’m writing a few nonfiction projects.

I hope you stick with me.  I am slowly taking the time to write a few erotica stories (mainly ones that complete my erotica series) I hate to leave a series hanging.  For the readers who keep up with it, I don’t  think it’s fair to leave them hanging.

I’m taking the weekend off, so hopefully I’ll take some time and write at least one erotica short…maybe two.

Someone asked me if I was leaving erotica–answer NO.  I love writing erotica, I’ve been doing it since 2014.  But, as the market changes, it’s becoming harder and harder to make a decent living doing it.






Editing a 200 page book so hang with me. As soon as that is finished, more erotica is coming (or cumming!)

The benefits of writing short form erotica of 5K, 10K or even 20K words means  you can get a book out  in  less than a week.  Sadly,  I’m not the best erotica writer–I admit it.  I try really hard, though.  I have the imagination, for sure,  and I’ve become fascinated with Futa women (mainly thanks to Reed James, Julie Law and a few others) for the past several months.  I’ve got 3 Futa series going at the  same time right now.  I don’t like abandoning series, I’ve read too many authors who have done that. And, I hate to  be left hanging wondering what happened to the protagonists.

The downside to writing erotica short stories . . . 

Right now, I’m writing several books under another pen name: sci-fi, and nonfiction.  But, that’s not helping my erotica.  I’ve never been one  to hire ghost writers, it’s just not my style.  I have ghostwritten for other authors, so I don’t have an aversion to it; it’s just hard enough to break even on erotica as it is. I hate spending  money and not knowing if I’ll break even on the book.

So, hang with me. This week, I’m putting my Futa series into bundles, as well as my HuCow series. And, I’m writing the next installment of Galactic Futa.  But, right now- I’m editing a nonfiction book.

Love you guys,





Worthwhile Authors to read this week Bella Swann Books.

bella swannI’ve been meaning to do this for a week, but I haven’t been able to get around to it.  Last weekend, I read several authors who are just  outstanding writers.

Bella Swann Erotica – is one of the most talented writers ever to write witty erotica prose. I don’t say that lightly.  She’s a better writer than I am, and I’m not afraid to admit it.   If you get a change, take some time and buy one or more of her books.  You’ll be glad you did.

Book list:  Amazon catalog link 

# Kindle Book Title
1 The Claiming of Cinderella (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous Book 4)
2 The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous Book 3)
3 The Claiming of Snow White (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous Book 5)
4 The Claiming of Rapunzel in Xanadu (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous Book 2)
5 The Claiming of Persephone (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink Book 1)
6 The Claiming of Af, the Angel of Light (Angels of the Light Book 1)
7 The Claiming of Eve (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink Book 2)
8 The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Dangerous Elysian Jungle (The Sexual Misadventures of Angelica, the Surprisingly Submissive Supernatural Sleuth Book 1)
9 The Claiming of Wondrous Woman in the Land of Ice and Snow (Super Heroines in Erotic Bondage Book 1)
10 The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous Book 1)
11 The Claiming of Anahita, the Submissive Angel of Fertility (Angels of the Light Book 2)
12 The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Kaiju Kingdom (The Sexual Misadventures of Angelica, the Surprisingly Submissive Supernatural Sleuth Book 3)
13 The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Haunted House on the Hill (The Sexual Misadventures of Angelica, the Surprisingly … Submissive Supernatural Sleuth Book 2)
14 The Claiming of Iris, the Sweet Angel of Hope (Angels of the Light Book 4)
15 The Claiming of Sophia, the Sheltered Angel of Wisdom (Angels of the Light Book 3)
16 The Claiming of Rebellious Ryssa (Warrior Women of Chrysalis Book 1)
17 The Claiming of Sabrina (Submissive Mermaids of Avalon in Erotic Captivity Book 1)
18 The Claiming of Delilah (Submissive Mermaids of Avalon in Erotic Captivity Book 2)

Beta readers needed- not just for erotica

too-much-for-amazonI write under several pen  names.  And, it’s not all erotica.  I write romance and  I’m also starting to outline some sci-fi (both with romance and without).

If you’ d like to beta read some drafts, I’d be happy to talk with you.  There are a few things I ask.

  1. If it’s non-erotica, I’d like  for you to commit to leaving a review of the books after it goes up on Amazon.  Not a one or two word fluff  review, but an honest appraisal.  If you don’t like the book, that’s fine also.
  2. You must be willing to sign (e-signature) a simple statement saying you will not disclose the draft to anyone else.
  3. The beta read must be timely.  Usually within a week of when you receive it depending on the length.  I understand many people can’t finish a whole novel in a week: there’s a thing called life.  LOL
  4. Have fun.  Tell me what you don’t like and where the book has typos and shortcomings.

If you think you’d like to beta read a book, shoot me an  email at




The story behind Communion

Ah, someone asked me the other day why all of these books are not up on Amazon.  Well, there’s a story behind the book “Communion” and the werewolf series.

When I started out, I wrote horror and paranormal sci-fi.  When I started writing erotica, this was the first series I put out.  There are 10 book total.

I’m thinking about revamping the books and making it into a novel.  There is certainly enough material to do that; not sure how long it would take.

Some of  the books in the series are not there.  Over  time, Amazon banned a few because readers started in the middle without understanding the beginning of how it all started.  So, I guess it was a little more an Amazon’s standards could bear- and I guess some readers were offended by the dark nature of the material and the project.

This is one of the books that survived.  (for now anyway)


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