A Step by Step Guide on Eating Pussy:: HINT: Don’t Do The Alphabet with Your Tongue

006Step One. How To Eat Pussy.

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Sweet cunninglingus. How I love it! After kissing her I take her hands, place them above her head a little forcefully and start kissing her neck…

Then, I take off any top she had on, leaving on her bra… I then kiss along her collarbone and shoulders and kiss the exposed flesh above her bra…

I give her deep eye contact, (her eyes are the window to her soul) so I make sure to peer into her soul before I do all this.

004Then kiss her passionately on the lips whilst taking off her bra… Then go down to her beautiful breasts, cup them, kiss them, flick your tongue over her nipples and if you feel like biting them, bite very LIGHTLY…

Step Two. I kiss down her body & make her feel

Her body is her femininity. I am sure to make her comfortable in her own skin. So I 010will begin to kiss slowly down her body… along her waistline, and with one hand I pull her trousers down ever so slightly and run my tongue along where her waistline was.

Now I would take off her jeans…

Keeping her underwear on for now… let her get comfortable

I now kiss along the V where her underwear meet her thighs and guess whereabouts her clit is make an O shape with my mouth, place it over that area and I give one hot breath over her underwear.

Step Three. I tease her.

I now tease her a little, kissing away from her pussy… down her legs and making my way back up again, I do this down both legs, making sure I touch her pussy.

1A lot of women tend to feel a bit exposed if you take her jeans off straight away so when I finish kissing up her thighs, I move her panties slightly to the side and I kiss around her pussy but I don’t go for the prize just yet. This is how to eat pussy… eat it by not eating it… mmm, yeah!

Step Four. I lick up her pussy to find her clitoris.

When I feel her starting to arch her back, (I know she is getting a little restless for me), with one strong tongue stroke lick, I lick from her vagina opening (NOT HER ASSHOLE!) upwards.

When I feel a slight bump, just above the opening, (about the size of a pea) I know that’s her clitoris, and I don’t let go of it.

If you’re having some trouble finding it run a finger down her divine pussy and see if you can feel it if she’s horny you should have no trouble).


Step Five. I slow it down or speed it up to find the stroke of the pussy eating king (or queen).

Once I find her clit, I start with slow, harder strokes and speed it up gradually. If you find she’s moving herself so your tongue is touching a different area that may mean you aren’t on the clit.

If all else fails, don’t be embarrassed ask if it’s the right spot. She’ll show you where to be!

Increase your speed with your tongue. Listen to her body. Pay attention. This is how to eat pussy.

If she grinding faster and into me that means she wants me to press my tongue harder on her clit and flick faster. If she is slowly grinding then she wants me to slow it down a little and maybe flick a little lighter, her clit may be sensitive.

Step Six. I tell her how great she tastes when I eat her pussy.

The biological and soul benefits of tasting her sacred pussy are beyond words. When she’s nice and wet, and I can tell she’s enjoying it I will always tell a girl how divine her pussy tastes….

002Girls worry about this kind of stuff…

Under no circumstances will I do the alphabet with my tongue!

Some girls like if I twirl your tongue in circles around their clit, but in all honestly, if I’m flicking my tongue in the right spot I really don’t need loads of variation, it actually becomes quite distracting and frustrating if every time you are getting close you change what you are doing.

Keep tasting that heaven!

Step Seven. I use my fingers & ask how she wants it.

Now she’s loving my tongue, and I’m loving her… I look up into her eyes and then slide one finger slowly into her pussy. Then I get straight back to that clit, most girls come 008quickest from combined clit stimulation and putting your finger/fingers (depending how wet she is) inside her. I make a come hither motion with my fingers on her vagina wall and press harder or lighter depending how she is moving.

It’s actually always a good idea at this point to ask the girl how she wants it

To which she’ll reply ‘fast and hard’ or ‘more fucking’ to which you can finger fuck her harder but keep this pace up with how fast you are licking her clit. I.e. if you are fucking her fast, lick her clit fast. There’s no designated process to all this, it’s down to the girl, but this is my general (and professional lesbian) process.

Pay attention to how she’s moving her body into you and every so often don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Another tip of mine is not too much tongue; use just the end of your tongue. I find otherwise – (sorry to be so explicit) – but your saliva gets everywhere and she can feel spit dripping down her butt crack – not a great feeling!

What do you think about when you eat pussy?

I think about how much I love it! Sometimes your mind can’t help but drift. If you can’t stay focused on her try thinking about things that turn you on to keep up sexual momentum. When you’re thinking of errands you need to run or a joke you heard earlier it shows in your oral. This is a massive turn off for the girl! Keep focused on the moment and the task in hand.

For the women reading this, how should she communicate what she wants?

Saying things such as ‘no I don’t like that’ is the wrong way to go! If you don’t like 005something-don’t react or give a sexy order like ‘uh more tongue’ if they re doing something good, lots of positive affirmation ‘you’re so good at this’ or ‘that feels so good keep doing that’. The worst thing you can do is say ‘you
aren’t doing it right’ it’s so de-moralizing.

009The How To Eat Pussy Summary

>> Keep this rough plan in your head but next time you have the chance to eat pussy don’t be thinking, ‘Lizzie from Raw Attraction Magazine told me this’ – focus on eating for your own pleasure!

>> If you are not sure what she likes then ask, ‘How do you like it?” Or something similar. There is no shame in asking! A courageous man or woman asks!

>> Women. Give your man the opportunity to ask and use positive language when he’s doing something right. Make sure this is an amazing experience that he’s going to enjoy again and again.

> Don’t do the alphabet with your tongue!

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