Monster Cock:: Teaser …

 hot-black-guy“Come here,” she whispered.  “It’s okay.”  She could tell Tommy was a little edgy.  And, in many ways Amanda was also anxious.  She contemplated whether or not she would be able to take all of Tommy’s manhood inside her.  But, she was sure as hell going to give it an attempt—there was no way she was going to pass up this chance.   Amanda had fucked a lot of jocks at the high school: football players, basketball players; even wrestlers—but this was something entirely different.  And what made it so interesting was that Tommy didn’t even play sports—all of this was by coincidence.   

Amanda caressed his manhood for a few seconds, massaging it until he was hard.  She opened her mouth and took him inside of her.  She could feel his mushroom head sliding on top of her tongue.

house006She sucked him for a few minutes, Tommy’s eyes rolled back in his head.   You could say what you wanted about Amanda, but the cougar knew how to suck a dick.   Her mouth was wet and warm—and she was able to take Tommy’s shaft halfway down.  Tommy began to moan and move his hips in rhythm with her mouth.

“Shit—I don’t want you to cum,” she whispered.  “Follow me, let’s go inside.” 

“I don’t know; I’m kind of worried Coach Rey is going come back.  I don’t want him to catch me and you like this,” Tommy said nervously. Tommy imagined that would be the last thing he needed.

“You don’t have to worry about my husband, baby.  He won’t be back for quite a while.  And besides, he always calls first to see if I need anything from the store before he pulls up,” Amanda said.

She took Tommy into the house, leaving his jeans and boxers on the patio by the pool.  She threw him on the bed, spread his legs, and put her mouth on his nut sack.  She ran her soft hands up and down his legs as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth.   Tommy was semi-hard, but she wanted him fully erect quickly.

house-008She stroked the shaft of his dick up and down—being careful not to get him too aroused.  She didn’t want him squirting his cum just yet.  She had other plans for the biggest dick she had ever seen.

Amanda reached down and grabbed Tommy’s big hands.  “Play with my pussy,” she demanded.  “Put your fingers inside me—make me wetter.”

Tommy did as he was told—he reached between her legs, slid his hand over her cunt and put two fingers inside her.  He buffed her clit with his thumb.  The girth of Tommy’s two thick fingers would have been the normal size of most any other guys cock. 

“There you go, baby.  Make me wet, rub my pussy harder,” she commanded.  She stopped what she was doing long enough to reach into her drawer and pull out some lube.  “I have a feeling I’m going to need this,” she said.  “I’ve never had a cock in me this big before.”

Tommy didn’t say anything—he was still nervous as shit.  And, he couldn’t concentrate  because of the way Amanda was working his dick; it was like magic.  She was slurping the head of his penis, and stroking the shaft at the same time.  She took her other hand, and with her middle finger, massaged the outer edges of his butthole.  Tommy tightened a little bit– and his eyes opened widely, he had never had that done before.

“Shh,” she said.  “It’s okay, it’ll feel good.  Trust me,” Amanda moaned.