A Big Teaser For a Little Hole

The dildo:

“Oh, baby,” September moaned. “Fuck me?”

Jessica looked down at her and slipped the big black dildo out of her mouth.   Sometimes she wished she had a real cock to suitably fuck September.   Something about seeing hot sperm all over her pretty face made her wet.  She should have called Roger over so they could have had a threesome, but she didn’t think about it.  All of this had come on too quickly. 

“Turn around,” she said, signaling to September.   September did, spinning around on the bed hastily and spreading her legs a little, arching her back on all fours and looking back at Jessica.  September’s pussy was already as wet as water–her lips were swollen and her hole was open ever so slightly in anticipation of what was coming next.

“Beg me for it,” Jessica whispered, teasing the thick dildo at the entrance to her swollen pussy.

“Please give me that big fucking cock, baby,” September moaned, pushing back against the dildo.


Jessica smacked her tanned ass with the huge dildo. “I didn’t hear you,” she said.

“Please, fuck me with that big fucking dildo,” she moaned, a little louder this time.  

Jessica slapped her ass again, this time with the palm of her hand before using the other hand to shove the dildo into her pussy.   September’s toes curled instantly and she trembled as Jessica pushed it deep into her hot little hole.

“Fuck,” she gushed, scratching at the sheet.  Jessica clutched her hips and slid back a little.   She was so wet.  Wetter than she ever got with just Jessica’s fingers, or even a vibrator, for that matter.   She came the hardest while Jessica was inside her with the gigantic dildo, fucking her without mercy.


Time for the strap-on.

Jessica clenched her teeth and gripped September’s hips, pushing the strap-on deep in her wet pussy and then holding it there, letting September feel it. “Fuck me hard, baby,” she whispered gasping for air.

Jessica pressed in deeper before pulling back.   September’s snug pussy was gripping the strap-on so hard she thought it might pull off.  Jessica plunged forward again, shoving as best she could, as September rubbed her clit with her free hand.  Her whimpers grew louder and louder, and Jessica increased her stride, trying to fuck her hard.   She was determined to tear September’s tight little hole up.  She was going to give her something to remember.  The strap-on was as big as an arm and the tip was the size of her fist. 

“Oh my fucking God,” September muttered. “Put a finger in my ass!” It was all she could do to get the words out—she was in heaven and wanted to cum. 

Jessica slid a hand over from September’s hips, and pushed her thumb into September’s ass, assertively pushing deeply, past the first joint and just holding it there; twisting back and forth while September’s ass began to rock harder underneath her.  

“Fucking cum,” Jessica demanded. “Fucking cum you little whore. Squirt all over me, you little bitch.”

“Oh, goddammit!” September screamed.   Her body was shaking like a leaf.  She curled her toes and arched her ass up into the air.  She could feel the power of her orgasm rushing inside of her.  She was going to cum hard. 

September thrust back into the strap-on, holding herself deep as she anxiously rubbed her clit before she exploded.  Her squirt sprayed everywhere as she curled her legs up in a wonderful release.  She could feel it all the down to her toes. 

Jessica left the strap-on inside September as she watched the cum drip down her tight pink pussy.  September was lying face down with her ass in the air—the cum was dripping down past her clit as her snatch clung to the big black monster cock strap-on.  The pillow under her stomach was soaked with her creampie. 

Jessica could see the strap-on bounce up and down as September’s pussy quivered and contracted.  Jessica was wet—now she wanted September’s mouth on her.  She wanted to cum in the worst way possible—she was aching for attention.   

She turned September over and positioned her pussy on Jessica’s mouth.  Jessica instantly went to work on her clit—sucking it for everything she was worth.

Jessica grabbed a fistful of September’s hair and worked her head back and forth against her hole.  September plunged her tongue inside of Jessica as her nose pressed against Jessica’s clit.  She could feel the hot goo starting to flow and the excitement made her work even faster and harder to make her lover cum.


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