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Kathryn slapped his ass and raised her eyebrows,” does that tickle?”

She went to work.  Kathryn wet her lips and proceeded to give him drizzling kisses up and down his leg.

When she hit the right spots she felt his leg quiver.

She centered her mouth between his ball sack and his ass—running her tongue up and down.  Simultaneously, she took his cock in both of her hands and stroked him in rhythmic jackoff motions.

“Holy fucking shit,” he said. “You don’t see that in porn movies.”

“Ha, they’re there baby, you’re just not going to the right sites,” Kathryn said.

“Go ahead and corrupt me some more—I dare you!” John demanded—almost out of breath.

She ran her tongue along the creases of his hole with just enough of the right pressure for it to feel good.

“I don’t want you to cum, not yet anyway.  All the cool shit is out the window—I want you to put your dick in me.  Ya want to do it, or is it a little much for the first time?” Kathryn asked.

“Show me what to do and I’ll do it,” he said with his eyes wide open.

Kathryn pulled him up and got on the sofa in the right position—spreading her legs and pushing her ass up.

Her dick was standing straight up in the air.

“Here, get on top of me and cradle my butt into your body,” she told him.

John quickly did exactly as he was told—in seconds the head of his cock was directly in front of her hole—touching it.

When Kathryn pushed out, John could feel her hole open up—pulling the head of his dick into her just a little.

“Push it in baby, slide your dick in me,” she said.

John glided his cock into her hole watching Kathryn’s facial expression.  She twinge a little as the head and then shaft of his cock made its way down.

John stopped in mid-motion; “I’m not hurting you; am I?” he was worried.

“You’re so sweet—no darling, it’s not.  I’ve just got to get use to your size.  You’re doing fine…keep going,” she said appreciating that he cared.

John rocked back and forth as he pushed into her and then let up.  He clutched her breasts, holding onto her—leaning in to kiss her periodically.

“Cum inside me sweetheart; I want you to cum hard,” she said moaning with each thrust.

For several minutes, John held that position—holding her legs up and out.  Kathryn moved with his body—allowing him to take the lead.

She felt his dick swell in her hold—she knew he couldn’t last much longer.  She stroked her cock in the same motion as he was pumping her—they were in sync.

Kathryn felt hot—and she felt the base of her shaft and balls tingle with the cum that was pushing itself to the surface of her cock. 

“Mm, baby you do that so fucking good,” she said.

 “Damn, I’m gonna cum,” John said loudly.

“Come on baby, shoot me a load,” she said.

John did.  He shot squirt after squirt of hot creamy goo inside of Kathryn’s hole.  Both of them felt the hot cream ooze around his dick and up inside her.

“Mm, shit,” she said as she released her load, shoot her first squirt on his chest.

“Damn, girl!” John was impressed with the pressure.

Kathryn couldn’t talk—she kept squirting—shot after shot as she released the tension inside of her.

When John pulled out—a small stream of cum ran down his woman’s leg.  Kathryn smiled with satisfaction.

John scooped Kathryn’s cum from his chest with his finger and put it in his mouth—tasting the salty white fluid on his tongue.  He swallowed.

“You’re so fucking hot,” she said, now holding him in her arms as he lay on top of her catching his breath.

“You are too, sweetie.  I’m so glad you spoke to me tonight at work.  I really really am.”


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