Teacher’s Pet

hot-woman-reading-bookI have never been a small man. I tower over my students and they fear to get on my bad side. One day early last year a new teacher, Shelly, started working at my school. She was the absolute picture of perfection.

Perfectly shaped breast, not too big, just enough to drive you wild. An ass and hips that just screamed to be touched, caressed and squeezed. Knowing a gorgeous beauty like that was WAY out of my league, I would barely even talk to her. A “hello” in the morning and the occasional joke were all I dared try, at least to her face.

In my dreams I would ravish her, grabbing her perfect ass and squeezing her perky tits, only to wake in the morning with a very stiff reminder of my frustration. After a few weeks of working across the hall from each other I was surprised to find a note in my faculty mail box. It read “Hi, this is Shelly. I was wondering if you were single. Feel free to text me at ###-###-#### if you are interested.”

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Could this be real? Immediately my mind raced, it was no secret that I rarely if ever dated. I even had to fend off the annual “Are you sure you’re not gay?” question from some of the more snarky teachers. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this had to be a trick. I read and re-read the note nearly a hundred times and figured “What the hell?” and sent the text to answer her question. We texted back and forth for the next few days, both of our insecurities vanishing as we flirted more and more.
One afternoon I was finishing grading some papers when my phone lit up with a text. “I want you so bad right now.” I smiled thinking it to be the beginning of a sexting conversation. “Oh, I want you too, babe.” “No, seriously I want it.” I tend to be a bit slow on the uptake so I replied teasingly “Well, I am right across the hall.” “OK, but I really like to role play. Pretend I’m a student coming to your class for tutoring.” It finally hit me, she really was serious. Shelly walked into my classroom a few minutes later, and my mouth hung open in awe.

She had changed from her teacher clothes and was wearing a tight black skirt, black stilettos, and a white blouse that was tied just under her breasts giving me a look at her slim waist. In her hands she carried a book and several papers. Visibly shaking off my shock, I decided to get into character. “Ms. Rook, please have a seat and start your work. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.” As painful as it was I forced myself to return to the tests.

After a short while I heard her move up directly in front of my desk. Looking up I was greeted with the sight of her large puppy dog eyes begging for help before she even said a word. I thought to myself “Wow, she’s really getting into this.” She then bit her lip and said “I just don’t get it.” as she threw the papers on my desk. “OKAY, no need to worry. Come over here and let’s see if I can help you.” She circled my desk and came to stand by me. I couldn’t help but notice that the skirt was even shorter now than when she came into the room. As she leaned over the paper to show me exactly where she needed help I could clearly see the black lace of her panties.

Slowly I raised my hand behind her barely resisting the urge to speed the game and grab her smooth supple rear. Leaning forward I tried to focus on her paper, but before my eyes could even read a single word written there, I noticed the other adjustment to her wardrobe.

She had opened almost all the buttons on her blouse letting her perfect round mounds be seen, supported by their own bit of black lace. Noticing the area of my attention, she asked “Do you want a better look, Mr. March.” I could barely nod. Seeing how she obviously was affecting me she blushed a little and grinned as she untied the loose not in her blouse and let it slide from her shoulder to land in a pile on my desk. I wasted no time in burying my face in her bosom.

Kissing every inch of exposed flesh. I wanted more, I needed more. I reached behind her and with skill and finesse I didn’t know I had I unclasped her bra, freeing her lovely breasts. I slid the black lace down the length of her arms pulling them up over her head to give me unrestricted access to her chest. There I held her with one hand as my mouth and other hand tended to her plump nipples.

I licked and sucked both nipples settling in on the right nipple as my hand kneaded and massaged her left. I could hear her breathing quicken and low gasps of pleasure escaped her mouth. Encouraged I took her nipple between my fingers pinching and twisting as I bit her lightly. Her whole body shook and she pulled away from my mouth. Pulling her hands free she grabbed my face bringing her lips to mine in a passionate, hungry kiss. The kiss continued as she lowered herself on top of me straddling me as I sat back in my chair. Feeling my hardened member at her crotch she began to grind against me. “I think you have a surprise for me don’t you?” she whispered as her hand found it’s way to my zipper.

She deftly opened my khakis letting my cock spring into the air. She returned to our kiss, only now I could feel the wetness between her legs as she rubbed herself against me and stroked my dick with her hand. I was in heaven, getting closer and closer to cumming. “Not yet,” she whispered in my ear as she rose from my lap, resting her ass on my desk and spreading her legs. I needed no more invitation and went right to work. First, I traced the inside of her soaked panties with my fingers, ever so lightly rubbing the lips of her moistened slit.

Hooking my fingers around the obstructing lace I pulled them down her legs and let them drop to the floor. Without missing a beat I began to run my tongue along the inside of her thigh. Moving closer and closer to her waiting sex. Teasingly I licked around and around the lips of her vagina. In a very short time she was breathing even harder than before, thrusting her crotch toward my face. Only then did finally invade her slit with my tongue.

Licking between her lips caused her to buck even harder, grabbing the back of my head as I tongue fucked her. I lifted my attention toward her clit, licking and sucking her swollen mound as I stuck two fingers inside her tight, glistening pussy. Before long I felt her whole body shudder, and I knew I had her in the palm of my hand. She reached down and pulled my head toward hers for another kiss. “I want you inside me, NOW!” She hissed into my ear when the kiss finally broke. She reached down and helped me pull my pants the rest of the way off.

Returning to her position straddling me, she lowered herself onto my waiting cock. I slid effortlessly into her hole. Bouncing up and down on my lap, Shelly start to make cries of pleasure. Lightly at first, then gaining volume. Fearing one of the other teachers might still be in earshot, I clamped my mouth on hers muffling the sounds. “MORE!” She screamed into my mouth.

Standing, I laid her back onto my desk. Now out of the sitting position I could give her the full length of my package. I began slowly and methodically built up speed ramming her tight cunt over and over.

I was so lost in the moment I couldn’t even care about the screams and moans coming from her mouth. My whole world was the next thrust. Soon I felt her body shake again, and her pussy grabbed my cock as she came a second time.
Immediately she dropped to her knees taking my raging boner in her mouth. She began alternating sucking and licking the length of my shaft. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I erupted into her mouth and drank every last drop of my cum.
While I was still recovering she grabbed her clothes and got dressed. Without even a look back at me, she grabbed her book and left my room. I came out of my dazed state and pulled my pants back up and looked at my desk.

All the tests I had so painstakingly grade and those yet to be had been covered in sweat and cum. “Oh well, I guess everyone gets an A.” I said as I threw the pile into the trash.

by J.R.


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